former rider player and coach re-united with als?

i know all of you rider fans remember the dexter manley experiment that went wrong. well, the defensive line coach in question that season(1992) was none other than jim daley-and the player daley was told to sit in favour of big dex-you guessed it-none other than current als d-line coach john"kropduster"kropke.
it's funny how things come full circle and paths intersect some 16 years later with daley apparently set to take over the als' defense.

city legend

As I recall the coaches refused to sit him.

I have found the answer myself.

The Glieberman's [brought] former
All-Pro sack machine Dexter Manley

and his considerable cocaine habit to town,
despite the fact he was banned by the NFL.

And, as CFL fans quickly discovered, washed up.

When Glieberman ordered the coaching staff to start Manley,

[and to bring back training-camp cuts
Reggie Barnes and Brian Bonner,]

assistants Jim Daley and Mike Roach quit in disgust.'

just what answer did you find yourself, i just mentioned that it was in fact daley that was told to sit kropke. i guess i failed to say that it was glieberman that told him to do so, way to dig for that answer yourself!

city legend

You sound offended in some way, citylegend.

I would not have remembered this weird situation
that happened when Jim Daley coached John Kropke.

Thanks for pointing it out,

and you are right that John Kropke
may feel kindly towards Jim Daley.

I just thought it was significant
to mention that Daley [and Roach]

told Lonie Glieberman to 'stuff it'
and quit the team on principle.

Pardon me if that offends you.

Why do you write posts like they are poems? And who is this guy that did a bunch of blow and got banned by the NFL only to get brought into the CFL? When did this happen? I want to look him up...I prolly partied with him a few times.