Former QB McPherson enshrined in HOF

Former Tiger Cat (and Ottawa) QB Don McPherson is being enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame this weekend. While his CFL career didn't measure up to his college days, Don was a great guy during his tenure here. Congratulations Don!

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And he's not the first, and likely not the last, college hotshot QB to fall flat in the CFL...........Andre Ware, Tee Martin, Timmy Chang, and on and on and on...................

Don was a great guy for sure. I met him in 93 at a team function and he seemed very genuine in his kindness and was so intelligent. I think they gave him the reigns a year too soon. They should have kept Allen till the end of 93.

Good to see him be inducted.

That's great for him. I was a McPherson fan and was thrilled when he was named the starting qb for the Cats...and disappointed when he didn't perform as expected. Maybe he was thrown in to the starting role too soon. Anyway, he is inducted for his play in college so it doesn't really matter what he did or didn't do in the CFL. Congratulations to him.

I was NOT a fan of Mr. McPherson.

Admittedly, it was probably an error on management's part thrusting Don into the starter's role after a very brief kind of reminds me of the current Quinton Porter experiment. the time, Don was making an astronomical salary, to the tune of $192,000 I believe, and didn't produce squat.

I do remember a quote in the Spec where he mentioned his favorite cigar, just in case the fans wanted to thrown them to him on the field.

All I wanted to throw was a steaming cow pie.

The McPherson era was a disaster.