Former QB joins Ottawa CFL team's staff

Behind the scenes, they've quietly started to build the staff.

Ottawa's CFL team doesn't have a name.

It doesn't have a stadium.

It doesn't even have a certain starting date.

But it already has a football employee -- a scout.

Former CFL QB, coach and scout Rick Worman has been working for the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group since mid-March, scouting the U.S. college football scene.

And while that initially may sound odd, the Ottawa CFL team will be allowed to participate in next year's Canadian college draft -- but will only be able to select fourth-year Canadians who have been redshirted and who have used up only three years of eligibility. Ottawa will pick ninth in the college draft, then last in each round. Some CFL teams shy away from these players until the later rounds because usually the kids stay in school for another year.

Ottawa will be able to select up to six from a pool of 17 eligible kids, including two Ottawa-area players -- offensive lineman Brander Craighead (Texas El-Paso) and defensive end Connor Williams (Utah State).

"Who's going to be available with the ninth or 18th pick in the draft? I don't know. But of the 17, four or five have the potential to be starters," said Worman, 48, who quarterbacked in Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton and Saskatchewan and also spent time in a variety of coaching positions.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind adventure for Worman -- lots of time in airports and in rental cars.

"I've been from Virginia to Florida to Alabama to North Dakota to Indiana to Michigan to Utah to Oregon. I was in 10 states in 10 days. It was crazy. It seems like I've been everywhere," said Worman, who spent last season as running backs coach in Hamilton.

With a mutual CFL connection, Worman and OSEG's Jeff Hunt started talking in January.

"We couldn't let this opportunity pass," said Hunt. "We've always believed time is an asset and this is a start."

"I wasn't going back to Hamilton with the coaching change, so this really intrigued me," said Worman. "I know a lot about the league, I was part of it for 15 years. The CFL is ingrained in my blood.

"Jeff's motivation was to hit the ground running. It wasn't like I get my jollies out of travel, but they wanted me to put together a plan of attack. This is really intriguing, starting this thing from ground zero. I was part of an expansion team in Fresno (Arena Football League), and we started with Ricky Ray as our quarterback."

It was important for the Ottawa CFL group to get some eyes watching the U.S. college spring camps, with about a six-week window to do it.

"Some of these guys are good players at big schools in a backup capacity," said Worman. "So it's hard to evaluate a guy if you don't have video. In spring camp, every guy gets time on the field. It's a big deal. There were 40,000 people at the game in Oregon. This gives me a chance to watch them and list them one to 17."

Great article cfr, I didn't realize you had posted this yesterday as I just came across it on Slam and posted same on the main board.

I was really surprised to hear this. I guess any time OSEG has done anything, they've been accused of "acting like it's a done deal" so the hire was done silently.

I just heard Jeff Hunt here on Fan 590 in Toronto and he confirmed the latest decision and unfortunately how also there is a 6 month window for the final appeal to the Supreme Court.
If they have to wait this time frame, notwithstanding some current minor demolshing work the city will do anyways, it will ultimately push the opening to 2015.
We all hope not.

"kids" :roll:

Third year university students are not only not "kids", but they're often over the age of 21.

Anyway, glad to see Ottawa getting on top of scouting! They're gonna be a contender!

Ha! That drives me nuts too! They do it all the time on the NFL Network and even used the label on a 28-year old QB.

as a 21 year old being called a kid makes sense if the guy calling me a kid is older than my dad.

I might call you sonny, or youngster :lol:

Seriously though, just call 'em young men. That's what they are.

now that the stadium will e started 2014 is the expected date right now so they will need to start officially scouting. Ottawa will be included in the 2013 canadian draft being able to draft Redshirt Juniors that will be eligible to play in 2014. They will be a full part of next years draft as of right now unless the year to 2015 but they have had everything in place and the only holdup was the starting of the new and refurbished parts of Frank Claire.

Any idea when the shovel is expected to go in the ground, or is it still that last appeal possibility?

Shovels are in the ground, look at the pile of dirt in the end zone and the South Side Stands removed in the pictures below:

That's good thanks for posting.
But, how about the actual construction phase for the new side.

Cohon announced that shovels will be in the ground for construction of the new phase by the end of the summer. You know how secretive the CFL is no official date was given. There are three companies that have put in a bid for the consturnction phase and as soon as they choose one they will begin. I take by this information that the construction will start by september. I would suspect that it will begin happening the week of the Labor Day weekend games to add to the hype.
Everything has been done in demolishing the old grandstand that is going to be completely rebuilt that is what all the piles of dirt are from I imagine.
Ottawa is scheduled to participate in the 2013 Canadian Draft and will be picking redshirt Juniors that will be eligible for the 2014 season. The expansion draft format has already been published for about a year now.
The Carleton Ravens football program will return to the CIS in 2013 using the Laval Corporate model like Sherbrooke did and said they are expecting to play the Gee Gees in the Panda game at the new stadium in 2014.
Their is a digital picture of what the new stadium is to look like under photos and also on the Carleton Ravens Football facebook page.
They will be marketing the team along with the Ottawa 67s using the same marketing department so the ball has already been rolling on that part with the sponsors etc.
I have been following this very closely and this is everything I could find.
I suspect that the shovels will hit the ground right before the Labor Day weekend games making it part of the weekend as a publicity move.

Thanks cfls.
Yes we can only hope the work begins and Ottawa can start playing in 14.

You are very welcome. This is some very exciting times for CFL fans like myself in the states. Always loved the game. With Ottawa coming back, new stadiums being built, the talk of a 10th team, some really good NFL free Agents starting to begin to come up to the CFL is great and the coverage on major networks along with ESPN3 webcast, which for me has really been my lifeline to CFL action, Team 10 and a little more increase in the Salary cap to keep star powered players and to sign some star powered players will gain the interest of US fans. For me as a middle schooler in the 80’s thats what grabbed my attention on the ESPN coverage at first. Warren moon of course, but the signing of some college star power QBs that actualy played great at the time Turner Gill, JC Watts just to name a few. Even living in PA John Hufnagel being the Riders starting QB out of Penn State was exciting.
The CFL is so close to getting back to that. Cohon is the Mann along with his exec staff getting it done as well as TSN/RDS coverage.
As a teacher and Dean of students CFL is my Summer vice and I love it

I had heard October for the stadium part to start, but damned if I can remember where.

The possibility of 2015 has to be acknowledged, however the city REALLY wants to be ready for the 2014 FIFA womens' soccer tournament. The CFL could wait another year if required, they've demonstrated that, but FIFA can't put everything on hold because of some legal entanglement in one of several hosts.

They're going to do everything to be ready to go for that thing and the talk here is still in regards to 2014.

I agree we do have to take into consideration that 2015 is a possibility but they will need to know by the 2013 draft as Ottawa will be scheduled to participate in the draft being able to select redshirt juniors that woud be eligible the following season 2014. Also the expansion draft will be scheduled at the completion of the 2013 season enabling them to have a base team in place going into free agency. Also they will need to have Ottawa worked into the new TV deal which expires after the 2013 grey cup. So we will know prior to the 2013 draft.
With the Hamilton situation of still not securing a site for home games next season I think that the CFL will go ahead with the starting date of 2014. Where there is a will there is a way attitude. The TV revenue would be much to important.
Even if the stadium is not complete they will find somewhere to play. Carleton is coming back in 2013 and keith Harris stade is being remoldled. With The Panda Game being played at the new stade in Ottawa I do not think that Carleton would give them any hassel about putting in temp seats for the CFL franchise is needed unlike McMaster or Guelph did with Hamilton. Also I believe it was done in the past where Ottawa played some home games at Montreal, although it is two hrs away getting the franchise on the field may take presidence over where the games are played on a temp basis due to the TV revenue that will be lost if Ottawa waits a year after the new deal is signed.
Just my opinion. There is also the University of queens which is still about 2 hours away but does seat 10,000 plus without any temp seats.
I am sure that someone will disagree and say to wait and be safe for 2015 but the timing of the TV deal is perfect for a 2014 start.
I do not see any reason why it should ot be ready as they are not building it from scratch. The current stadium already sits on the land. A new field turf will be put in and the one side is just getting a facelift with new seats etc. Only the old bleacher side has been demolished so only half of the stadium is being completely rebuilt.

Hard at work!

[url=] ... -ricky-ray[/url]
EDMONTON - Finding the next Ricky Ray isn't going to be easy.

But if anyone can do it, it's probably the guy who found the actual Ricky Ray in the first place.

Former Edmonton Eskimos offensive co-ordinator Rick Worman was back at Commonwealth Stadium last Friday to watch a game as scout for Ottawa's yet-to-be-named expansion franchise.

Set to enter — or is that re-enter? — the CFL in the 2014 season, Ottawa will be allowed to participate in next year's Canadian college draft, where they will pick ninth overall, then last in each round.

However, their participation will be limited to a pool of 17 red-shirts who are likely returning to school for a final season.

Then, prior to entering the CFL, Ottawa will be able to cherry pick certain players from other teams in an expansion draft.

"We don't know which teams are going to protect what players," said Worman, a former CFL quarterback, coach and scout. "So I have to list all kinds of players available for us."

Worman has been working for the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group since mid-March, scouting the CFL as well as college football in the U.S., as Ottawa takes a stab at its third franchise following the Rough Riders and Renegades.

"I think that you have to have a solid ownership group, which I believe we have in Ottawa, for sure," he said. "Jeff Hunt is going to be the president of the organization and they are sort of reaching out in faith because we don't even have the stadium issue taken care of 100% yet.

"And yet they wanted to be prepared because they believe so strongly in this. Getting some quality coaches in there and then getting some quality players is the key to being successful."

Which is where Worman comes in, taking the opportunity to build a franchise from the ground up for the first time since being part of an expansion Arena Football League team in Fresno, Calif., where he first laid eyes on a fresh-faced Ray.

"It's really a neat challenge," said Worman, who played for Edmonton, Calgary, Hamilton and Saskatchewan before becoming a coach. "I have been a part of this league as a player, as a coach, as a scout for 16 years and it's totally different when you're laying one brick here, one brick there.

"We haven't even started the cement mixer yet."

Let alone had a chance to spy a player with the potential to have a Ray-like career in the CFL.

"We'll see about that," Worman shrugged. "He's a pretty special guy. I'm grateful that he developed and was able to blossom here with the Eskimos."

Not that Worman hasn't been trying to spot the next diamond in the rough, of course.

"It's a fun project, it's overwhelming," he said. "I've spent 17 days on the road from July 25 to Aug. 10, so it's been gruelling but exciting in the same breath."

Which pretty much sums up the entire new franchise's endeavour, so far. One that is focused on not just starting up, but sticking.

"I think the city is ready to embrace football and it's got to be managed and run correctly to be successful," Worman said. "I believe the fact that they have a solid ownership group, that you at least have the opportunity at this stage."

I wonder about the validity of the article - it makes it sound like 2014 is GOING to happen. I sure hope so. And it's always good to hear actual football news, thanks CRFadmin.

As of now it i pretty valid. Cohon had said early that the shovels will be in the ground by summers end and they are planning for Ottawa to be part of the 2013 draft. On the Soccer Front of OSEG they had also announced that they are also planning to start play in the 2014 NASL season. Carleton is talking Panda game with the Gee Gees there in 2014 and I believe it is still being planned into a site for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. So everyone seems to be onboard that it will be ready.
I think the Winnipeg stadium issues have gotten everyone worrying. Other projects have delivered on time the past few years. Upgrades to percival Molson were completed on time. BC Place opened on time and the Grey Cup legacy project at Mosaic have all been on schedule