Former NFL players in CFL....

is there anywhere where i could find a complete list?

I don''t know about a list but I know of three players off the top of my head.

  1. Ricky Williams
  2. Smith (Winnipeg)
  3. Quincy Carter (Was with Montreal, now a free agent)

yeah were there any last year who came into the league? I remember Andre Rison a couple yrs ago

Vince Ferragamo (sp?) and Billy “Whiteshoes” Johnson.

Oh yeah, here's another one.

Playing in a northerly climate will be nothing new for Andrae Thurman, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ latest addition.The former Green Bay Packers wide receiver agreed to terms with the CFL club .

I don't know of a place, but I'm sure there's a NFL players "Where are they now"
somewhere on the net.
If you find one, please post it.

Gonna be a large list.

KK can you only name 3 former NFL'rs???

the vast majority of americans in the CFL have been to an NFL camp

There's Montreal's running back Robert Edwards. Former New England Patriot.

Heres two high profile obvious choices
for the list.

  1. Hank Burris
  2. Dave Dickenson

Ricky Ray, Jason Tucker, Scooty Anderson, Ken-yon Rambo, Jermaine Copeland, etc. The CFL has so many!

In addition to all that have already been mentioned, all of the following QB'S where at one time or another on an NFL Roster, Spergon Wynn, Eric Crouch, Tee Martin, Jarious Jackson and Jason Gesser, and I beleive even Danny McManus, way back in the day spent time with someone briefly. Also I'm not sure but have a pretty good feeling most of the following spent a bit of time in the NFL, Reggie Durden, Pat Woodcock, Jason Tucker, Jason Armstead, Tim Cheatwood, Arland Bruce III, R.Jay Soward, and John, Avery. Hank Burris, by the way, has the distinction, of being the first QB from Temple to start an NFL game.

Davis Sanchez...Daved Benefeild...Jim Young...That fool Murray Pezim brought up from the jets(NY) ??? uhh G-somththing...

I don't forcus on the players much, you know that, it's a team sport, and I don't like singling out people when they should play like a team to get the W.