Former NFL or US college Super Star in the CFL

I skipped him because I wasn't sure about the spelling either and I blanked on his first name. :lol:

Two questions come to mind:

1- Off all the formers NFL players or first round pick, do you think it represents 25% off the American players in the CFL today or could it be more?

2- What do you think is the % of these players that have or had a great career in Canada?

Former NFL'ers would represent more than 25% of the Americans playing in the CFL.

First rounders - no. Way less, than that

We shouldn’t forget Tobin Rote who was a star QB with the Detroit Lions before signing on with the Argos in 1960 as a free agent. Except for Moon and Flutie he was probably one of the better US QB’s to come to the CFL.

Some more former NFL (infamous and /or flopped in the CFL) stars that played in the CFL:

Mark Gastineu (BC Lions)
Dexter Manley (Ottawa Roughriders or Renegades)
Ricky Williams (Toronto)
Andre Rison (Argos)

Warren Moon was never drafted by the NFL and played his first 6 years of Pro ball in the CFL before he went onto the NFL. Joe Theismann was similar in that he played 3 years for the Argo’s before moving onto the NFL.

Timm Rosenbach, a former Arizona (or Phoenix) Cardinal QB played for half a year in Hamilton before they cut him. He could have been a success, except that they had no offensive line or running attack of any kind, meaning defences would just pin their ears back and go after him, allowing him all of a second and a half to get rid of the football.