Former NFL or US college Super Star in the CFL

  1. Can you give me names of former NFL players that are with CFL’s team at the moment or will be in training camps?

  2. The same with U.S. college super star?

David Boston-1st Rd Pick
Charles Rogers-1st Rd pick
Rashaun Woods-1st Rd pick

I heard that Peter Warrick will come to Montreal

What about John Every?

There are dozens of guys that have spent varying amounts of time on NFL rosters. Do you mean to limit only to the high end NFL players or picks?

Past or Present players (tell me if he is a past or a present player)

Any information’s helps. I am writing an article. Any player that had success in U.S. football or played in the NFL.

-The ones that did’t make the training camp in Canada (like Quincy Carter)

-The College supers stars that dit’t make it in the NFL and when to Canada

-The ones that’s played in the NFL whom had a good or disappointing career in Canada.

You're not asking much, are you?

There are hundreds once you include past players. There's probably 100 in the league right now....

100 hundred at the moment in the CFL????

College super stars or former NFL players???

Are you sure???? Some name please...

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Depends how you define college superstar.
Most of the players in the CFL were stars in college. They hold various school records, were all-Americans, etc.
An example would be Timmy Chang who is the all-time passing yardage record holder in the NCAA. That makes him a star.
Or Kerry Joseph, who owns a number of school records for McNeese. And you will find many players fit the bill of "college star". Superstar? Maybe not. But some of them were. And there are a number of 1st and 2nd round NFL draft picks floating around.
As there are only approximately 400 players in the CFL at a time, there likely are not "hundreds". However if you read closely, he said "100s" if you include past and present players.
He said "100" currently.
And he might be right--again, depending what exactly is your definition of "college superstar".
My recommendation is, if you are writing an article, is do a little leg work yourself. The CFL website upon which you have asked the question lists every current player, and gives a nice little bio.
There are only 4 or 500 of you go...shouldn't take too long...
you likely could also contact the various teams directly for the names of former players.
That is what the PR department is for.
It should be a good article when you are done, but you really need to do the research yourself.
I for one would read it with interest when it is finished if you cared to post it here.

Or failing that, pick up the CFL's Facts and Figures book. That should cover a lot of it.

If you're going all-time, I can contribute some shining lights like Dexter Manley, Demetrius Underwood and Andre Ware.

I though a few names from one and a few names from another, just something to start with… Then I’ll make a selection and go deeper… Some of you saw them play in games or training camps. And Yes I am French.


Don't forget Art Schlister(sp?) too CRF.

I'm an old Als fan with failing memory so the names offered are all ex-Als.
I'll start with the late Dewitt "Tex" Coulter. He was an All Pro with the NY Giants and came to Montreal in the 50's for more Money then the Giants were offering(How times have changed)

A second was Tom Cousineau, All-American at Ohio State and a first round NFL draft choice.

A third is Johnny "Ordinary Superstar" Rogers who was a Heisman Trophy winner, an All-American and a 1st round draft choice (San Diego if I remember correctly)

Another would be Vince Ferragamo who was the starting QB for the LA Rams who also came here for more money. (He was a bust by the way).

Just a few from this neck of the woods. I'm sure others will pass on some names from their favorite team.

Bonne chance avec tes recherches.

Just about every one of the 300+ Americans currenty in the CFL have been on an NFL roster, sometimes only training camp, or have been drafted. Being drafted usually means you were quite a star in college. The Argos have had 5 Heisman winners on there team! I once read that less than 5 percent of drafted players end up playing pro ball.

Unlike soccer, where there is dozens of leagues, there isn't many places to go if you don't stay in the NFL. CFL's import talent is alot higher than the average sports fan thinks.

Depending on your parameters, the lists could be in the thousands. CFL, in it's American form, has been around since the 40's, even competing with American leagues for players in the 50's, 60's. I have read quite a few articles like your are interested in. Most notables would be Raghib Ismail, who stunned the NFL by signing in Toronto and college football legend Doug Flutie. A lot of CFL QB's, are local legends, depending what part of the states they come from.

NFL QB’s who played in the CFL: Doug Flutie, Vince Ferragamo, Jim Zorn, Sean Salisbury, Joe Pisarcik, Jeff Garcia, Joe Theismann, Warren Moon

Doug Brown
Derreck Armstrong
Milt Stegall
Mike Sellers
Ron Warner
Albert Johnson 111
Juran Bolden
Dan Goodspeed
Ike Charleton
Kyries Hebert

These are just some recent Bomber players that come to mind that have played in both leagues.

If you're going way back, you could include all kinds of stars. Even Hall of Famer Fred Biletnikoff, one of the all-time NFL and Raider greats, played for Montréal at the end of his career (1980).

If you are counting standout US college careers, plus thos who've been on NFL rosters, 100 current players is probably low. That only works out to 11-12 per team.