Former NFL head coach Jerry Glanville joins Ticats coaching staff


More US connections if nothing else. Cant hurt

Will Glanville be assistant DC to Lolley, or replacing Lolley?

Old boys club. Between him and Jones this can't be a good thing at all....

Only if hes given the keys to anything. Doesnt sound like thats the case. Glorified guest coach imo.

I give it 5 weeks before people want him and Jones gone.


Yup. Guarantee "too old" and "out of touch" "we need fresh young minds" will be used.

Hey, how many CFL Coaches have their own video game!

One of the great football minds of all time. Who cares if he has to use a golf cart.

I totally agree with HfxTC.

Fans posting on this message board complain about the dumbest things!

Glanville isn't PLAYING. He is COACHING. The older a coach is, the more experience and knowledge they bring to the table. Age is not a negative for a coach. It's a positive.

You must be new.

Glanville, 3 years ago... doesn't look like a wheelchair bound senile to me. Talks about his relationship with Bud Grant at about six minutes.

Rod Rust was 73 as an assistant in MTL in 2001 and was DC in WPG in 2005.

This ixactly what I have been preaching about Jones. He did nothing more than arrive to TiCat-land, at the right time. The Team was in disarray with Austin and Jones arrived and the boys turned on again. Not because of Jones but in spite of him. Could have been anyone at that time. Now he brings in one of his "old" boys in to take a cheque. I don't like it either Onemore, one little bit!

Can’t believe how far we’ve dropped after losing Orlando. Sad we can’t find an EXPERIENCED CFL DC. There has to be someone out there.

Maybe but they forget about what the last play was immediately before calling the next! That certainly isn't good!

Bud Grant?? Wow - guess he just missed out on knowing Knute Rockne.

OK, so I'm exaggerating a bit. Hard to believe there's a guy on our staff who is one degree of separation from someone who was a major figure in 1960s-era CFL football. I guess Lancaster was a 1960s holdover, but he arrived here 20 years ago (!!)

Just checked out Grant's wiki page. 29 years of pro football head coaching experience, for a total of just two teams, in two different leagues. You don't hear that much anymore. Also, he jumped right from player to head coach, without ever having worked as an assistant coach at any level. Last time I heard that it was Pinball, and the Argos were mocked for it, until he brought home a Grey Cup for them.

If hes happy to be an assistant, players like him and he doesnt invite the spotlight theres not much to complain about. Experience in a pro culture and connections mean something.

If he wants to be DC with lots of microphones in his face complete with sunglasses and cowboy way.

Except I was being sarcastic.
Jones came in and put HIS system in place. He wasn't simply a placeholder. He completely changed the culture. You honestly think a recycled CFL head coach would have come in and put Masoli into a cookie cut CFL offense and have any more success than Austin?