Former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier signs with Ticats !

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Former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier said Monday that he has signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League.

"I'm so excited and happy to have this chance after everything I've gone through," said Forcier, 21.

Forcier will likely begin his professional career as a backup to veteran Henry Burris. Forcier said he reports to Hamilton at the end of the month and the season begins in June.

Forcier was the starting quarterback for the Wolverines in 2009, ahead of Denard Robinson, whom he backed up in 2010. Forcier planned to enroll at Miami and did enroll at San Jose State, but did not play for either program in part because of academic concerns.

Forcier became the third true freshman to start a season opener at Michigan and began his career 4-0 before the season ended 5-7 in part because he suffered shoulder and other injuries.

Interesting, I don't follow NCAA that close but if you can play in front of 100,000, even in college, you must have something on the ball. :?

I remember the annual and usually classic Notre Dame-Michigan game his freshman year in 2009 when his team beat my alma mater with a pass for TD in the final seconds. :cry: However, Michigan finished the season with a losing record.

Then in 2010, Michigan went with "Shoelace" Denard Robinson and overall sucked that year too. Robinson thrived the following year and led his team to beat my alma mater in 2010 and in 2011 too. :cry:

All I could say was wow after that effort by Forcier in 2009. I don't blame Forcier for transferring after he was benched for most of 2010 and then Coach Rodriguez left.

I did not know about Forcier's injuries though, so I hope he has healed and can play beyond his efforts in that memorable game.

I'd love to see him flourish in the CFL.

I'm a huge Notre Dame fan, and I remember that game like it was yesterday. A 60-yard drive with two minutes left and he throws a TD with 11 seconds to go. I thought that would lead to big things, but it didn't.

Forcier was ineligible to play in the 2010 Gator Bowl and he left San Jose State for the same reason; he won't in Hamilton long if he can't keep his head on straight. I hope he can, though, because he does have a nice skill set and it could translate well to the CFL.

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It says in the above link that it is a 3-year deal, but any confirmation or more information?