Former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier signs with Ticats


Winning the Vanier Cup is about as difficult as winning NCAA Div 2 Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference football title, I am being completely serious.

I wonder if Quinlan was a starter as a true freshman at a program as prolific as Michigan, or Notre Dame, USC, Alabama, LSU, Florida, Nebraska, Texas....... Wait a minute, he played at Mac in the CIS (not that there is anything wrong with that, the competition might be a little less stiff up here for footballs).

Denard Robinson is a complete athletic machine freak of nature, I could understand (Forcier) losing out to someone as athletic as him in his sophomore season.....

Wasn't Burris once pictured wearing a bra???? Again, I have absolutely NO OPINION or care if people wear bras or manziers underneath their shirts for support.

Thank you Obie Wan for taking a chance on Forcier. John Kay from Steppenwolf use to sing about how "It's never too late, to start all over again"

He started as a TRUE FRESHMAN at Michigan, you know how hard or daunting that would be for an 18 year old????? Maybe he can get his head around our great Canadian game and utilize his athletic ability and QB mechanics to be a hidden gem for our Ticats. :thup:

Forcier did have issues with the scholastic side of things though....that is not goooood.

One of my profs in U did his Masters at Nebraska Lincoln (In Museum Sciences of all things) and there are professors there that have their jobs revoked if they don't absolutely pass certain high profile bonehead "Athletes", (absolute cash cow athletes for the university of course) usually guys on the basketball, football, or track teams. Something that wouldn't fly at a Canadian University. If Forcier had real bad accademic issues, it makes you wonder if he would have trouble picking up something as complicated as the Canadian game, something I didn't think about it my post above.


whatever..... :roll:

Agree with K/P. Quinlan played his regular season games in front of a good 2000 people at Joyce. Played in the Vanier Cup in front of 30,000. Forcier, on a dishevled Michigan team, playing in front of 110,000 people, came from behind to beat Notre Dame on a game winning drive. Only his 2nd ever collegiate game as a true freshman. He has not had the opportunity to show what he's got consistently. But if that snapshot is any indication of what he is capable of, it's more than worth taking a shot at him.

I might add that this is extremely tough for me to say because I'm a diehard Notre Dame fan!!! lol

You're right. Some of the details are missing but police usually aren't called for somebody catching a whiff of fresh air. He still really young so let's hope it was just some immature behaviour.

Police were called because a woman in the apartment complex saw him and thought he was going to jump. So odds are he was leaning farther out than most people would consider comfortable. Or maybe just farther out than the woman who called the police would consider comfortable.

But there are a lot of questions unanswered. For example:

  • Whose apartment was he in? His girlfriend's? Some other friend's? A total stranger's?
  • Why did the police take him to the hospital? Was he injured? Did they still suspect a suicide attempt? (The missing details were withheld because he was taken to hospital, and therefore subject to medical privacy laws.)
  • Why was he leaning out of the window?
  • Why did decide to sensationalize the story be changing "leaning" to "hanging"? Was this based on additional information from witnesses? (I suspect not, given that the only source mentioned in the article was the radio station's report.)

A bizarre story? Definitely. Worth worrying about? No idea. That all depends on the details that weren't released. Will we ever know the whole story? Only if he decides to talk about it.

From what I've read about him over the past couple of days, it sounds like his parents put him on the track towards an athletic career from a very young age. Perhaps he never quite learned how to study properly and succeed in school.

Academic success or the lack thereof is not always an indication of one's intellect.


You're absolutely right,

I meant from a lack of discipline side of things, but hes a young kid, Uni isn't for everybody, I almost dropped out myself!

Hahaha I love how we (I especially) are speculating about a situation that we know nothing about, or a kid we know nothing about,

I need to get a life :lol:

We need to have something to talk about (ie. procrastinate). Training camp isn't for another couple of weeks.

I'm looking forward to seeing him in camp, you can never complain about having too much competition for roster spots.

As am I, It would be great if he turns out to be something special!

The off season stinks . . . . :frowning:

Don't forget that Quinlan had some off-season legal problems as well...

Actually it was during the season and he was suspended for 2 or 3 games by Mac.

'Hanging' could mean 'hanging around'. I didn't know that hanging around is a crime ( unless some kind of curfew was imposed ).
Folks - give your heads a shake... If we are going to scrutinize every athlete's move - none of them would make the Team.
Fact is - Porter has been around for some 4 years now, with little to show for it. I say any new competition is GOOD competition, EVEN if the guy has some kind of record.
Do you think that Tate is going to 'Forcier' Burris to play better??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

The guy was a lousy QB at Michigan...

He's basically "Garage Space" and won't make the team...

If he miraculously does so,it says alot about the talent drop off from 1 to 2 and 3...

I don't know if I'd go that far. He did lead the team to a 4-0 start and beat Notre Dame as a true freshman. That's pretty impressive. He didn't have a stellar career with the Wolverines, but the team (mainly Rich Rod) was itching to play Shoelace and used Forcier's injury to get him in there. Forcier clearly beat Robinson for the job in 2009, but never got another chance after that. His problem is with his head, not with his athleticism. The guy can play, he just needs to mature a little bit (and remember, he's only 21). The Cats have nothing to lose by bringing him in and everything to gain.

Agreed, look at what happened with Quinlan at McMaster got drunk started fights, arrested suspended for a few games but Montreal is going to give him a look.
The CFL likes to give second chances to players and coaches, we should look at Jerry Sandusky, the guy is not proven guilty yet, a great NCAA coach under Paterno. He would cetainly shake up the locker room.

One earlier statement sure hold true this QB sure stirs up controversy all though his courier, just on this site some say he's a talented player that needs a break others say hes a bum and a waist of time, all I know his name is now on the TC roster. :wink:

Another Tate taping Burris on the shoulder is going to give poor Hank a nervous tic.

I have checked other sites about forcier and this guy is trouble IMO and I would not waste the time. Especially if it costs us boltus.

It just did.. Boltus was cut today.