Former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier signs with Ticats

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Former Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier said Monday that he has signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League.

“I’m so excited and happy to have this chance after everything I’ve gone through,” said Forcier, 21.

Forcier will likely begin his professional career as a backup to veteran Henry Burris. Forcier said he reports to Hamilton at the end of the month and the season begins in June.

Forcier was the starting quarterback for the Wolverines in 2009, ahead of Denard Robinson, whom he backed up in 2010. Forcier planned to enroll at Miami and did enroll at San Jose State, but did not play for either program in part because of academic concerns.

Forcier became the third true freshman to start a season opener at Michigan and began his career 4-0 before the season ended 5-7 in part because he suffered shoulder and other injuries.

He must have something to play at Michigan, albeit college, playing to crowds of 100,000. :?

Is he really 21 now ?!

Boltus better look out, Forcier can play.

He can play, but if he is still the same bonehead he was at Michigan then he'll be outta here quicker than Mitch Mustain.

But, if he has his head on straight, this could be a great move by the Cats. Guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks where his head's at.

This guy is the same size as Drew Tate of Calgary appox 6' 190 lb, if this guy can get his head on strait he may make a good CFL QB. There's lots of info on this guy. You can see why he seems to get hurt, he's a running machine with a good arm. Hank is going to get tiered of seeing a guy named Tate coming behind him again.

Looks like it was a 3 year deal. Doesn't look like he will be on the PR this year. Are they going to groom him to be Henry's replacement? Looks like a 3 way battle for 2 positions now in training camp.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats sign Michigan star Tate Forcier to three-year deal

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Tate Forcier is heading north to pursue a professional football career.

The former Michigan quarterback confirmed in a text message to The Associated Press on Monday night that he has signed a three-year contract with Hamilton of the Canadian Football League. Forcier wrote that he is "very excited" to play for the Tiger-Cats.

He started for former Wolverines coach Rich Rodriguez ahead of Denard Robinson in 2009 and was a backup in 2010. He completed 60 per cent of his passes for 2,647 yards with 17 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

Forcier was ruled academically ineligible to play as a sophomore in Michigan's bowl game. He once planned to attend Miami, but ended up at San Jose State last season, where he didn't play while sitting out as a transfer.

The Associated Press

I'm wary.
He was the starting QB for a terrible Michigan team and lost his job to a guy that doesn't tie his shoes! He's obviously not the brightest bulb on the tree, especially considering that guys who can hardly read don't become academically ineligible, and he didn't play a single down last season.

I wish for the best but I'm ready for the worst.

He'll get cut. That's my prediction.

The guy is only 21 and has lots of potential, hopefully he could be a great find for the future.
It makes a lot more sense to sign a young guy who has played at the NCAA level, can't believe that some people are calling for a CIS QB or trying to make room for CIS QBs, that would be a total disaster!!!

Seems like he's either going to be a complete star or a total bust. No in-between option on this guy.

This kid has moxy. He was a true freshman quarterbacking an elite school for a new coach under a transitional offense (pro style to spread) and defense (4-3 to 3-4). I follow college football religiously. RichRod had Denard Robinson and was going to have him start over Forcier... that much was clear. In that sense, Tate got a raw deal. He has had some issues off the field and if they're behind him, we might just have a stud here. Being academically ineligible is really unbelievable but that doesn't affect his ability to play football. Just my opinion though.

Competition is good... and "better is better" :thup:

It's the three year contract I am concerned about. Is that guaranteed? It seems a bit long in length for an unproven import with baggage.

Teddy Fay Everyone in their life will carry some sort of baggage. I agree with some of the other posters, if Tate can wrap his head around our game and step up, there are endless possibilities for this young man. It would be nice for the Tiger Cats and the fans if Obie has discovered a gem in the ruff. Looking forward to some healthy competition.



He still has to make the team, if he doesn't measure up hes out of here. A lot of smallish hot shot QB's have come up here and have done very well if you think hard I'm sure you can think of some.

CFL contracts are never guaranteed. If he is great signing him to 3 years is a bonus for the Cats. If he stinks he gets cut, with no downside for the team. He could be a diamond in the rough. Look at some of the other players Obie has brought in. Chris Williams was a real find last year. Marcus Thigpen also springs to mind. Maybe this year it's Tate Forcier's turn. Training camp will tell. :wink:

This guy sounds like he's had some trouble in his past.

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Interesting game of telephone here. The article you linked to states that Forcier was “hanging out of a third floor window”. But there is a link in that article to a more detailed article, and it states that he was “leaning out of a third floor window”. Quite a difference in the image that comes to mind from these two statements.

It all sounds very strange. But perhaps he was just trying to see what his girlfriend, who lived in the same building, was doing? A lot of information missing here.

He better be better than Quinlin!