Former Elks’OL Jacob Ruby issues apology on vax status

The past weeks have been really difficult for my family and I. I want to make something clear, I made a mistake. I made a mistake in misrepresenting my vaccination status. I came forward with my mistake and have been willing to accept the consequences. I want to apologize to everyone who has been affected by my poor decision. Specifically the Elks organization, CFLPA, and CFL, who have worked so hard to put this season on safely. This has been a learning experience for me and as I strive to be a better man, father and husband, I will set a good example of learning from mistakes and better myself going forward.

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Why apologize??

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why not?

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He forgot to add “I’m going to step away and use this time to reflect, learn and listen.”


sounds like he has already done all that

When it comes to modern day social media “apologies” saying it is MUCH more important than actually doing it.


I agree. It's going to be a long while before he should get any pass. Take at least three winters to think about it there Mr. Ruby.

Because his vaccination status is his business and his alone

thats not true, but we have hashed that over a few times. However, the issue here is that he lied about it.


But lying about it is our business - you give him a pass for that now?

Used to be that way.

Yes. He shouldn't have been asked to begin with.

He lied because he was afraid of the mob. A form of self preservation that I'm sure most can relate to

Private employers can do as they wish too now. Apparently you don't like that part when it disagrees with your view I bet as well.

Lying is not okay in any case. Sorry.

Does this mean now we don't have to believe some of your posts?


Just no already. He could have told the truth. No, he's not the victim. Those unduly exposed because he lied are the victims.

That's a great job to try to engineer a pass for him and revise even recent history.

Your lot always does just that of course.

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You're right, he should have told the truth.

But he doesn't have to be blackballed. He's been punished enough. Accept his apology and let him play.

Nope, too soon given the damage done to the innocent and because he did it with full intent.

He's a big boy and must be held accountable. No pass for that trash.


He was held accountable. It's over. Let him play.

No - my own opinion is 3 winters to think about it and others have theirs.

With apology comes punishment. He has not been punished quite enough to sit out the remaining games in a pandemic season.

You say lying is not okay in any case. Well I disagree. I can think of many instances where lying would be okay.

No private employers can't do as they wish

This whole "pandemic" has sure brought out the mini tyrants in alot of people. The fabric of our society has been eroded by folks like those who post on these forums. Very sad.

Yes they can sir just apparently not when YOU disagree in your authoritarian reasoning.

No, according to the rules and law as well, lying was not okay.

I'll take this for sure as I sure don't have to believe your view, for I'm sure you think lying is just fine when it suits you.

Go with it then. I don't wish you luck. But I will call out more of your lies here no doubt too. You have a whole lot of them for sure. :+1:

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