former Dragon's Den judge belittles CFL

Dragons Den judges Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjavec have both left the seminal CBC show in favor of the American copycat version Sharks Tank, with Herjavec commenting:

Shark Tank is like playing in the NFL; Dragons' Den is like playing in the CFL." [url=] ... gon-s-den/[/url]

A purple velvet paisley Dinner jacket with a white cotton button down shirt ROFLMAO ! You can have money and still look like a total moron. Looks like the button is about to launch and become a weapon :cowboy:

Don't think that comment is bad as Chris rudge current CEO of the Argos made to toronto media when asked why rudge couldn't sell tickets to the Argos he explained to them that "toronto likes things that are big time" ! Nothing beats a current employee of a team belittles the league and team just another reason why I would have fired Chris rudge on the spot.

Who cares what Kevin O’Leary says? the guy is a real a-hole who only cares about money. He is a liability to the human race and I hope he never comes back to Canada.

It wasnt kevin who made the comment. It was the other guy who never makes any deals.
His comment is accurate; 2 products virtually identical but one has greater production value than the other so it is thought of as superior.

Just another American wannabe. That’s sad because Robert Herjavec was always harping on DD what a great country Canada is. Maybe he should have immigrated to the US.

He should try playing in the CFL and see how he makes out. :lol:

1991argo wrote: "toronto likes things that are big time"
1991, Rudge was having fun and playing with words as in "big", John Candy former co-owner of the Argos who was "big" of course and also liked to joke around as he was quoted as saying "Canadian football has four downs, too. But we always punt on third down just to be safe." :wink:

RIP John, you're sense of humour is sorely missed.

Earl in your books Chris rudge can never do anything wrong, do you seriously believe that he was actually trying to joke around with that comment?
I wish john candy was still around I don't think he would be to pleased with the current work of David Braley I am sure he would have gotten a couple other professional owners to run this team and do a much better job then what the current guys have done to this franchise.

Such devils saving the Argos from folding. Braley honestly is LITERALLY HITLER because of how he's help the league stay afloat.

Absolutely dreadful guy.

I prefere the name Dragon's Den to Shark Tank, anyday. And of course the CFL to the NFL. When will everyone just figure out that we really have it going on here in Canada?

#5....LOL!!!!About sums it up....a Smellie Argonaut :lol: P U :lol: something STINKS!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

1991, do you know Chris Rudge that well that you can read him perfectly everytime he says something? Maybe he has a dry sense of humour. Well, here's something that I'm sure you will say is all a lie from the National Speakers Bureau. It is coming from the Ted Rogers School of Management no less:

[i]"Chris Rudge was an absolute delight to have at our student run gala for the Ted Rogers Management Conference. He was able to instantly capture the attention of the audience and inspire over 260 students, industry, and media from across the country. His message was delivered effectively by sharing humorous stories that showcased inspirational lessons through his own experiences. Chris was successful in keeping his speech in mind of the conference theme of "Finding your Inner Drive" and was a true driver in making this come true for many after our final gala. As a matter of fact, Chris was the only speaker to ever receive a standing ovation at the event since its inception. With this being said, Chris is undoubtedly a true Canadian leader, a terrific speaker to have at any occasion and would highly recommend him for anyone looking to have nothing but a spark of inspiration infused at their events."

  • Ted Rogers School of Management[/i]

1991, should I call the ambulance now after you have read this? Where are you, I don't think we should waste even a millisecond getting you to the best cardiac care centre closest to where you are. :stuck_out_tongue:

can we not turn this into another Chris Rudge rant please?


Good post

Then next month when bigshot's U.S. show gets cancelled, he'll come crawling back cap-in-hand, "I guess little 'ole Canada ain't so bad after all." :roll:

p.s. That guy in the undersized purple jacket looks too much like Liberace to stand that close to. :wink:

Both of these guys are all about the money, that's what they live for. Go to the states. However, hopefully they keep in mind if it was not for Dragons Den, no one would know who they are or care. All the Dragons have book deals and the success of Dragons is what launched Shark Tank. At one time there were three Dragons on the show. Kind of typical of how alot of Canadians are, success does not mean much unless acknowledged by US. However, to point out O'Leary, even gives relationship advice, almost harken back to the days of nobility, O'Leary believes one should marry based on financial goals. Oh well, Back to football, can't wait to the draft, and when the heck is Ottawa showing off their jerseys.

Anyone else notice how these guys made all this coin and have minds of grade 3 boys. The woman and the guy from out west seem to be the only mature ones. And if you've got all that money, why do you waste your time on a stupid TV show when you could be in Fiji, Rome or Cape Breton.

wolfmann44wrote: Kind of typical of how alot of Canadians are, success does not mean much unless acknowledged by US
Very typical of the average joe Canadian, couldn't agree more wolfmann. And we are not one of those sorts, thankfully. What's their motto "I am not worthy unless the US of A stamps me so". Most of our media follows along with that to a tee, sadly. And people like Phil Lind of course.

If he wears that Liberace blazer, he'll be back sooner than he thinks :wink:

Both Canada's Dragon Den and the US Shark Tank are lame compared to the original UK Dragon's Den. The US as usual steals other countries original concvepts rebrands it and calls it own as to avoid paying and royalties.