former colours

hello there

iam wandering if anyone else misses the good old ottawa riders uniforms.
i especially miss THE BIG R on the black helmet. i wonder if the renegades could legally use some of the old riders trademarks.....

No, they can't use anything affiliated with the Rough Riders name. Although a lot of us fans would like to see the "R" back.

thx for the reply. i remember when the alouettes went bankrupt in 1981 . they were revived as concordes because of the of that. and wrent able to use the alouettes name untill it was purchased back from the former owner. maybe someone could do the same for ottawa......

I don’t miss the R it’s dates and boring…

The new logo is nice and the red maple leaf is a nice Canadian tough.

As for the unis… The R days unis were too bland. And plus the colors are the same… If we were still the Rough Riders we’d have the sale unis as we do today with the Rebok deal…

the new logo nice…whatever. i certainly dont need a maple leaf on a logo to remind me iam a canadian.

I miss the R and the red stripe on the helmet. If the R was there, any Black Red & White uniform would look good. I just don't think it's right that Brad Watters, who is from Toronto, and probably grew up as an Argonaut fan, did not have an appreciation for the Rough Rider name and uniform and ignored what the fans wanted and chose the name Renegades. The survey had picked Rough Riders as the most popular name. Keep the name Renegades but merge the record book and BRING BACK THE R ON OTTAWA'S HELMET. At the very least, buy back the intellectual property from Horn CHen and market the vintage uniforms and helmets. What is wrong with linking these two together ? :roll:

two Roug Rider teams no way stuff like that makes our football bush league Renegades is fine.

Maybe the Maple Leaf on the helmet was a sick clandestine effort on Brad Watters' part to stick it to Ottawa Senator's fans as only someone from Leaf Nation would do? Thank God it isn't blue.

Go Rens Go!