former CFL'r charged

source identifies accused as Joffrey Reynolds.

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QMI agency A former all-star Calgary Stampeder running back is charged with assault after an alleged attack on an estranged girlfriend. Police confirmed they were called to an Eau Claire residence about 4 a.m. Saturday and that a man was charged in a domestic-related attack.

The woman suffered undetermined injuries.

While police would not confirm his name, a source identified the accused as Joffrey Reynolds, a former Calgary Stampeders running back.
He is set to appear in provincial court on Monday on charges of assault and break and enter.

Sad turn of events. :frowning: is the local story

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...sad and strange, tough to see your career come to a surpize end but taking it out on your girl? that's not cool whatsoever...

I would in no way excuse what he’s accused of but I’d like to say he deserves to have his side told as well.
Joffrey has always appeared to be of high moral fiber.

yeah, interested in his side. He has always come across as a pretty classy guy.

...released on bail

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...hearing his side? sure....but the police don't lay 'bodily assault' charges lightly, and a condition on his bail to avoid drugs and booze alludes to probably booze being involved in the first place...I hope I'm wrong, hell I have his jersey and was disappointed he didn't make the roster here or somewhere else, but keep it toether JR, this isn't the way you want to be remembered....

hopefully he doesnt' get anything too serious and can turn it around. thankfully he didnt' kill her or he could have been like that Rae Caruth.. sitting in jail for the rest of his life basically..... (loser)

I liked Renyolds always thought he was a class act... on and off the field... sad to see what has become of him.. but hopefully he can get help and turn his life around.

Very surprised at this news. JR didn't seem the type, certainly nothing ever suggested he was capable of this .

neither did warren moon, sigh

I always thought he came across as a decent dude. I supposed nothing has been proven against him yet, but it doesn't paint him in a good light.

At this point, Reynolds is much more likely to get picked up by the police than by a CFL team.

I think red said it best. Hopefully he can sort himself out. This isn't the sort of spiral you wanna go down.

Here's the lasted on Reynolds release. I wish Joffrey well.