Former CFLers in NFL - Singleton with a big night on MNF

former stamp and 2017 CFL MODP Alex Singleton is a tackling machine

The six-foot-three, 240-pound defender was on the field for all 93 of his team’s defensive snaps and recorded 21 combined tackles, 19 solo tackles, two tackles for loss, one quarterback hit, and one pass knockdown.


The CFL has lost some fine players over the years to the NFL. I still flinch a little when I hear Cameron Wake's name, & I'm sure some Calgary fans have the same reaction about Alex. Good for him.


cam wake is my favourite CFL defensive player of all time. that guy was an absolute nightmare for opposing offences.

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i watched that broncos chargers game last night and singleton was all over the field making plays.

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also this is cool

One cool thing about Alex I'll always remember was the fact he took the number 49 for his jersey. Being an Amer/Canadian it represented the 49th parallel separating our 2 countries.


another canadian, former CFLer and UofR player signing in NFL

Just goes to show the politics of the NFL.
The guy really came into his own in Philly and was offered a lacklustre contract by the Broncos after lukewarm interest from other teams. It was just last season the guy was leading the entire league in tackles by like week 5, and he barely got a sniff from anyone during free agency. Now he comes close to setting a game record for tackles. What else does this guy have to do to be taken seriously?

Now how many guys are up in the CFL who very well could be in the NFL but aren’t because they didn’t go to a big school or don’t have freakish measureables. Politics plays a big role in the NFL but great for Singelton all the same as his play is forcing people down south to respect his game