Former CFL star Alex Singleton leading the NFL in tackles ahead of Week 6 Sunday slate

Gretzky could always score...which is his claim to fame.
Alex has the speed to track opponents but has trouble tackling (without being dragged for a few yards) at the NFL level.

…AS isn’t unique in this trend, lots of players are trying to ‘blow up’ opponents instead of just wrapping them up and bringing them down, the drive for that highlight reel stop often backfires..


Yes, Gretzky could score and linebackers make tackles.

And Singleton was leading the NFL in tackles.

Keep this in mind about Singleton ..... the Eagles are 28th/32 in making tackles in the League. Imagine if Singleton was on a good team. :open_mouth:

Sorry Eagles fans. :slight_smile:


Anybody watching the Raiders/Eagles game right now?

Al Singleton and the Eagles defence are getting completely steam rolled.

This is what I am seeing too.

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Fine....than Singleton will return to stamps making all your lives miserable for the next 7 seasons

Eagles are a complete disaster.

Mediocre players, terrible coaches and comical front office.

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Starts with the owner.

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Same problem in Washington. Although the Redskins have better players and coaching than the Eagles do.

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Agreed. And yes they do now.

Now that's another garbage line of yours if I ever heard one - another guy defending an organization presided over by the wily and crooked Dan Snyder, okay now.

Nope, a player who does not cut it does not start in the NFL on any team and is quickly benched.

The weaknesses of the rest of the defence of the Eagles don't fall squarely on Singleton, and if he's left to make the tackle when others fail in assignments, well ...



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That’s why you have to actually watch the games instead of just looking at the stat sheet, my friend.

It’s laughable how many tackles Al Singleton has constantly missed this year.

Rarely does ever come up with a TFL or even stuff someone for no gain. As I explained previously, dragging a ball carrier down after he’s already picked up significant yardage is not a great play.

For those who haven’t actually seen him play this year, Al Singleton is comparable to Zeke Moreno.

The comically overrated Moreno led the CFL in tackles as a rookie and was runner up in his 2nd year.

That didn’t chance the fact that “Zeke and Destroy” was a terrible football player.

Which is why he bounced out of the CFL very quickly.

Another excellent comparable to Al Singleton is Javy Glatt. Despite being hopelessly under sized, slowfooted and weak, Javy Glatt was among the league leaders in tackles for a couple of seasons.

Glatt’s best attribute is that he was Wally Bozo’s favourite little pet.

It's a great thing you are not a football scout for a living. Don't stop believin' and all that I guess.

Yes. But according to YOUR repeated analysis here, it's all on Alex Singleton. :roll_eyes:

And woh, wow, he missed a tackle yet has to make so many, by golly according to your logic he is awful just for that too!

We obviously disagree. Stay away from Philadelphia please. We need a lot of improvement and new scouts, but nope, you are not going to help.