Former CFL star Alex Singleton leading the NFL in tackles ahead of Week 6 Sunday slate

Former CFL star Alex Singleton leading the NFL in tackles ahead of Week 6 Sunday slate


This is a classic example of statistics being extremely misleading.

Al Singleton has been absolutely atrocious at MLB for the Eagles. He’s missed a ridiculous number of tackles.

When he does manage to make a “tackle” Singleton doesn’t actually hit the ball carrier and NEVER blows them up - - he just grabs hold of whatever he can and does his best to drag the ball carrier down.

Singleton will be a priority for the Eagles to upgrade in the off season either via draft or free agency.

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Singleton plays WLB for the Eagles and I'm pretty sure the they're going to upgrade everyother position, before his.


Good on Alex .

Shows he can more than hold his own in the NFL .



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Don’t just take my word on the subject - - here’s what Pro Football Focus graded out Al Singleton this week:

“Alex Singleton played the most snaps at the second level of Philadelphia’s defense, but his performance left something to be desired.

The Buccaneers were content to dump the ball off and force him to tackle, and he failed to record a single defensive stop or tackle for loss. Often, he was finishing his tackles going in the wrong direction, landing on his back.

Singleton allowed 56 yards in coverage on first review.“

This statement shows why you are NOT gainfully employed by any sports team or media outlet.


The Don is a real-estate agent .

ah...what city.

Alex Singleton racks up so many tackles because the defense has a hard time getting off the field. The Bucs third string tight end - OJ Howard - blew up Alex - and made it look easy. Alex will be backup by next year - unless he beefs up and becomes stronger.

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It's not a city , it's a village .

as they say it takes a village to raise a child

Written by hack NBC reporters not good enough to cover the NFL who have an bias against CFL players


Watch the games and see for yourself, my friend.

The NFL is merciless when it comes to attacking weak links on defence. And if you’ve watched any Philadelphia games this year, it’s obvious to see that teams are targeting Al Singleton in both coverage and running the ball at him. THAT’S why he’s got so many tackles.

As I’ve explained numerous times, just looking at the stat sheet is extremely misleading.

There’s a huge difference between tackling a ball carrier for no gain compared to tackling a ball carrier after he’s already dragged you 5yds to get the 1st down yardage.

Both instances are credited with a “tackle” but one is infinitely worse than the other.

Bwhahahahaha; Singleton is a bum; useless in the CFL and now in the NFL - so obvious.

Classic stuff - love hearing from NFL fan-boy football experts !

I've watched Eagles games just to see how Singleton is playing. While he doesn't blow people up, he reads the play well and is positioned where he's supposed to be. He reacts well. That's probably more important than blowing someone up.

The Eagles defense are ranked T-10 after this past week in yards per carry which I think is a good way to tell good a run defense is as opposed to total rush yards against. But it's also the defensive lineman and the whole defense that determines that. Not just Alex.

Their passing defense is middle of that pack but I think respectable. Opponent QB rating is 99.2.

I think he's holding his own. He's playing better than a lot of other players on his team and throughout the NFL when you actually watch him play.


I’ve watched enough Eagles games already this year to know that Al Singleton is hopeless in the NFL.

I’d go all-in that Singleton will definitely NOT be starting in Philadelphia - - or anywhere else in the NFL - - next year.

Yay, I hope sign him in Hamilton.

Well Area51. Alex Singleton has said there is only 1 team in CFL he is interested in playing for... and we know who it is.... so you better hope you are wrong on your assessment

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This Gretzky kid, can't check, can't fight, not a strong skater, underweight ... won't last long in the NHL.

Same vibes :rofl: (and not actually comparing Gretzky with Singleton)

The defending Superbowl Champion Bucanneers are a powerhouse and are 5-1.