Former CFL QB Michael Bishop elected to College Football Hall of Fame -


Was glad to see this. I had no idea about his standout college career but always liked watching him play. Even if he wasn't on my team I tended to root for him. He joins a pretty impressive list of players if you read the article. His most surprising college stat is the low interception record - his rocket arm tended to get him in trouble in the CFL.

Congrats to Michael. He had quite possibly the strongest arm ever.

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It would likely be a toss up between Bishop and Dieter Brock.
These guys exemplify the term gunslingers like no other.
John Elway also had a turbo cannon for an arm.

if we talking about NFL, number one got to be Marino

Ralph could fling it no doubt.

I was a Bishop fan. Brock not so much

Going way back…Mathew Reed had possibly the strongest arm ever in the CFL

Accuracy wasn’t his thing tho