Former CFL QB Michael Bishop elected to College Football Hall of Fame -


Was glad to see this. I had no idea about his standout college career but always liked watching him play. Even if he wasn't on my team I tended to root for him. He joins a pretty impressive list of players if you read the article. His most surprising college stat is the low interception record - his rocket arm tended to get him in trouble in the CFL.

Congrats to Michael. He had quite possibly the strongest arm ever.

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It would likely be a toss up between Bishop and Dieter Brock.
These guys exemplify the term gunslingers like no other.
John Elway also had a turbo cannon for an arm.

if we talking about NFL, number one got to be Marino

Ralph could fling it no doubt.

I was a Bishop fan. Brock not so much

Going way back…Mathew Reed had possibly the strongest arm ever in the CFL

Accuracy wasn’t his thing tho

i remember reading a quote from Tom Brady many years ago when he was with New England. He and the other QB's including Michael Bishop were fooling around before practice (like QB's always do) seeing who could throw the ball the length of the field etc. Michael Bishop threw the ball out of the Ball Park.

I saw both Mathew Reed and Michael Bishop play and throw. I'm glad you used the word "possibly" referring to Matt Reed.