former CFL impact player Anthony Prior released

Recently, former CFL impact player Anthony Prior released his controversial book, “The Slave Side of Sunday”.

The book specifically names coaches and administrators, whom he feels have been racist and prejudicial towards its' prize winning machines, the African American players.  These are the players who have no voice in the industry, yet without their sweat and blood, the league (CFL) would crumble.

Prior also discusses his CFL career.  This is a must read for those who want to get a closer look into the NFL and the CFL, How they all work together in exploiting the black players.  Prior also goes in to detail on why Wally Buono, the winningest coach in CFL history, released him for racist reasons.

An excerpt from the book- “When you humiliate a well-respected leader in football, psychologically, it angers the rest of the black players because they see your agenda. As sad as it’s true, Casey Printers was good enough to lead his team to the league’s Grey Cup, but he was too black to play in it.”

Check out Prior’s website at WWW.STONEHOLDBOOKS.COM for the real story.

Prior had a chip on his shoulder since arriving in Calgary. Bouno picked Dickenson over Printers so the race card comes out. It is that chip on his shoulder that got him shipped out. To be a racist you have to be one yourself. Prior just might be a racist himself. I have seen Wally help players who are black under his wings Alondra Johnson for one and help him not only on the field but off the fiekd as well and treat them just like he was part of his family. Allem Pitts who had problems was also treated the same way yet it did not end that way. Wally sort of ended Pitt's career in a bad way but that does not make him a racist. I am not a big fan of Wallys the GM and Wally the coach routine but racist he is not.

...if you get on the wrong side of just last year with Barrin Simpson....there was no love lost between these two....but racist... no-way....There are personality conflicts between individuals...dosen't matter what colour you are...sounds like sour grapes from Mr.Prior....and some hype to sell his books..

Prior has always had a chip on his shoulder. Barin was called out for his poor play last year. Wally needed to get more out of the player so he singled him out. He did that with Alondra as well. But again this does not make him a racist.

poor play? cfl all star 4 of five years and division all star and team leading tackler for the 5th year? that doesnt sound like poor play to me, i really dont know why u keep saying that.

but no hes not a racist. he was just praising antonio warren last season was he not? lol. last time i checked warren was african american as well.

Well in the eyes of the fans he may have played well but knowing Wally for all the years he coached here. When he calls a guy out he must have not played well. Also Barin stated the defense did not play into his strengths tells me that Bouno did not think he played well enough. And if you noticed Bouno did not bring the cheque book out to resign him. Just my take on it!

Well I for one am interest in see the inside going on in the CFL from a player's point of view. I don't think prior is saying Wally is a racist. I am sure there is more to it then just that one comment.