Former CFL Head Coach Mike Kelly talks on Rouge Radio

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This week Reed Duthie will talk with the former Head Coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Mike Kelly about his off-season legal situation, some of his past decisions and what his future holds for coaching.
Kelly served as the head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 2009 rebuilding a roster that resulted in five players signing with the National Football League in the option year of their Canadian Football League contract. Kelly, a former Blue Bombers offensive coordinator, came to Winnipeg with close to 30 years of coaching experience. Kelly was the offensive play-caller with the Blue Bombers between 1992 and 1996, as part of the teams that captured three regular season division titles and appeared in the Grey Cup twice. Kelly’s offence set 29 club records during his tenure in Winnipeg, including Matt Dunigan’s record 713 yards passing in a game.
Kelly played quarterback at Bluffton College (OH), and earned his bachelor's degree in health, physical education and recreation. He later earned a master's degree in education at Edinboro (PA). In 2002, Kelly was honoured by his alma mater, and inducted into the Bluffton College Hall of Fame. In 1996 Kelly was inducted into the Delaware County (IN) Athletic Hall of Fame as a 1976 graduate of Muncie Northside High School where as a senior he set a school record for passes attempted and completed in a single season. A Canadian Football League record set in 1994.
In our CFL news recap Jenn Annis talks with Terry Ray to go over what happened in the league this past week and get you ready for training camps. Ray played with the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 31 against the Green Bay Packers. He is also a former Edmonton Eskimo and Winnipeg Blue Bomber.

This week’s’s Canadian music feature is the Marc Joseph Band. They are a collection of young musicians that have come together to form one of Toronto’s hottest cover bands. The play 3-4 times a week all over the Greater Toronto Area and will also be touring festivals all over Europe this summer. We have featured 2 of their songs.

Never thought I'd say this but, that was a pretty good listen.

That's one Rouge that got deleted off the Ipod before I even bothered. With all the stuff going on with camps and the season getting underway, the Grey Cup announcements... They find room on their show for this outcast....

Thanks for the positive feedback. We are all fans of the game and volunteers that put our time in every week to bring you extra Canadian football information from across canada. We like to give the good, bad and ugly of the game to make it better for fans and players.

and the irrelevant :wink:

Who added the poll?

HfxTC you seem like a very angry person? As a life long canadian football fan I remember the times when no one talked about the CFL, CIS or CIS and now there are shows, articles and podcasts about it and you have to find the negative. It seems like you got a kicking tee stuck somewhere

There are more severe infractions committed by players (drug abuse as an example) that have come up here from the States and played in this league... if ET gets a second chance, why not Kelly?

Just ignore him Rouge. He’s been irrelevent for awhile. Got a persecution complex or maybe diaper rash. Doesn’t matter. Good show.

But Kelly is sort of a “Loose Cannon” type of Coach. Does any team want to take that on? Maybe more assistants that have demonstrated abillity will get a “sooner” look.

The poll that was added said any kind of coach. I doubt Kelly would be looked at as a head coach again but IIRC there has never been any suggestion of problems when he was an assistant with various teams. If a team thinks Kelly would be a good position coach and hires him that would be no big deal in my books. After all, no one in the media ever interviews position coaches.

So far, maybe not. . . but you can bet your bottom dollar if someone hired Mike Kelly as an assistant to the assistant to the associate defensive secondary coach, the CFL beat reporters would be clamouring to interview him. . .

Doesn't mean he would give them or they would be anything like those he gave as a HC. He knows the heirarchy of a coaching staff and what an assistant can and can't say.

Maybe, maybe not.

But I stand by what I said.

The beat reporters would be tripping all over each other to TRY to get an interview with him. Loose cannons attract reporters. He may, as you say, know the heirarchy, and know what an assistant can and cannot say, but the reporters would be after him like a pack of wolves, knowing what a great quote machine he’d been in the past.

I personally still maintain Kelly wasn't as bad of a coach as he was portrayed to be.
And although during his HC stint in Winnipeg, he didn't come off as such, the guy is actually intelligent when he speaks.
He also gave me one of my favorite trash talk quotes I've heard in the CFL for a while...

Correction. . . I think you meant to say that Kelly wan't as bad of a coach as he portrayed himself to be. Don't blame the messengers. . . he caused his own grief. Yes the press was after him like a pack of wolves. . . but he called it down on himself all by himself.

As for Kelly, he may to start from the bottom all over again and prove himself... maybe not for his coaching, but his conduct off the field.

Wash your mouth out with soap !!!

Frank D'Angelo. . . geeez I can't stand that prima donna. . .

Yes and no. He brought a lot of it on himself but the media were turning over every rock they could to try to find dirt.

Sure they were, but he brought that on himself by his bombast.

Best example is when he bragged about his offensive prowess during his US collegiate career and challenged the reporters to look up his record. So Paul Friesen did. I expect you remember the column. . . it wasn't a hatchet job, it was an excellent piece of investigative journalism. . . and while it sure didn't reflect well on Kelly, it's his own fault.