Former CFL head coach hot candidate in NCAAF

Old spread innovator Lion Ted is a hot coaching candidate.

Mississippi State, Purdue, Fresno State have all made contact and apparently 2 programs have made an offer.

Who IS Lion Ted?

Tedford ?

Of course as usual Access_Media provides no source.

It is ex TiCats QB and Lions HC Jeff Tedford, he signed with his alma mater Fresno State for over $1.5M/yr

Yeesh, there is big money in US College football!

"Details of the contract have not been finalized, but it is expected Tedford will be among the highest paid coaches in the Mountain West. That spot is now held by Colorado State’s Mike Bobo, who is in the second year of a five-year deal worth $1.45 million this season, $1.55 million in ’17, $1.65 million in ’18 and $1.75 million in ’19."

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Alexan Balekian @RealALEXAN
BREAKING: Jeff Tedford accepts 3 to 4 yr deal to become Bulldogs HC. Source says 1.6 mil a season. He starts on Sunday @KMJNOW

$1.6 Million a season? nice, that's $2.1 Million Canadian!!

Tedford has always had a lot of respect in the college ranks.

Fresno State is a big time college and a QB factory. And Tedford has successful history there and has been credited with Aaron Rodgers success when both were there.

He was sure a fish out of water in BC. Made some of the weirdest calls, third down gambles I have ever seen. Was very openly critical of the lack of practice time available. He looked so uncomfortable on the sidelines. Just a bad fit I guess..

Good for him. Great pay day.

But unlike some of our recent trolls, this is at least the second time he has announced something that has turned out to be true. If Inflategate Part Deux turns out to be true....

Tedford was a perfect example of why a US Coach that doesn't have previous CFL coaching experience is doomed to fail.
Even Though Tedford was a CFL QB, times have certainly changed
The CFL with only 2 weeks of training Camp, only 2 pre season games and then the extremely limited practice time in regular season, it is near impossible to bring in a new system to a team. This is why we keep getting the same coaches names for any new openings. Any new Coaches must now start as a position Coach and work their way into the fraternity.

Tedford did have CFL coaching experience. He worked with Buono and Hufnagel and worked with the Stampeders even when he was first working with California.