former cat, Nick Setta going to the Als?

It appears the Montreal Alouettes are looking at some options in the kicking department in case Damon Duval leaves as a free agent.

According to the Montreal Gazette, former Hamilton Tiger-Cats kicker Nick Setta contacted the Alouettes and received a return phone call from assistant general manager Marcel Desjardins, who signed Setta when he was the GM in Hamilton.

"It was a casual conversation ... your plans and what would you like to do," Setta told The Gazette. "I called them originally, but they've been in contact since."

Duval has been the kicker in Montreal for six seasons but struggled last season, connecting on just 72% of his field goal attempts, including two misses in the Grey Cup game. The report indicates Duval, who is eligible to become a free agent this month, has sold his Montreal home and moved back to Alabama, leading to specualtion the Alouettes are in the market for a new kicker.

But Setta is not drawing the same conclusion yet.

"They've got Damon. Unless something happens, that's their guy," Setta told the Gazette. "I won't assume anything. That would be foolish. He's the kicker for the Als; that's how I look at it. In this business, you hear things and nothing comes about. If something does happen, I'll take things more seriously."

I was shocked when Obie released him. I was shocked when I saw Sandro kick for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
We should be the ones signing Nick.

While I do like Sandro and think he's getting a bad rap, really I wouldn't be surprised if he gets traded. Another season like the last one and Sandro's stock is going to plumet. I'm sure a lot of teams would look to pick him up still for what he's worth right now. There were just too many games Sandro costed us the win. Maybe we can work something out for Duval?

I agree entirely, it was really unfair when they released him. A lot of people said he had some bad games in his final season and that’s why he was released. Yet Sandro had a lot of bad games and he gets a lot of chances…and Sandro can’t punt.
Setta was a good punter as well as a kicker.


Oh Ya that swirling ontario tornado that hovers over I.W. LMAO - !!!