former Cat JoJuan Armour released by the Stamps

"One day after receiving his Grey Cup ring, linebacker JoJuan Armour was released by the Calgary Stampeders on Monday."

Oski Wee Wee,

Bring him to Hamilton!

I don't think he and Obie see eye to eye.

id love to see armour back in hamilton.

Why was he released? We don't need bad blood in the dressing room.

Wow I sure didn't see this coming.....................I can't imagine him being out of work for long....................but who knows....there may be more to his being released than we know at this point...............

He wasn't released from the Cats. He signed with the Stamps as a free agent in 2008

Re the Stamps:

"CALGARY - The Calgary Stampeders have released veteran linebacker JoJuan Armour.

The team made the announcement on Monday, a day before their pre-season finale Tuesday in Regina.

Armour, 32, was involved in an on-field incident during the Stamps' practice on Friday. He was entering his second season in Calgary.

With Armour gone, that opens the door for Lemarcus Rowell and rookie Tray Blackmon to replace Armour in the middle of the linebacking corps. "

Apparently Armour has also indicated that he has been diagnosed with a heart murmur that should not affect his career.

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Oski Wee Wee,

It's seldom a surprise when a 33 year old linebacker get's released then add discipline problems last season and last week on top of that?

Sounds like a combination of age, young guys coming up who will play for less $$ added up to his release. I can't see him helping the Cats at this stage of his career and the team's rebuilding stage.

An Argo-Cat fan

Nothing new or surprising here. I can't say for sure but his attitude and issues such as the scene on Fri. may be why he wasn't resigned as a Cat.

Let's hope he doesn't come back to the Cats. This best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour.


From the TSN article you can view if you click here.

Stampeders head coach John Hufnagel was unhappy about an on-field incident during practice on Friday and decided to make the decision on Monday.

''It's never easy to release someone who contributed to a championship season, so I'm very disappointed to have to make this announcement about JoJuan today,'' said Hufnagel in a statement. ''We have a very clear policy on team discipline, whether it's on the practice field, during games or off the field. JoJuan chose not to follow that policy recently during practice and, as a result, I've made this decision.''

Also from the article:
Early in training camp, Armour was sidelined with a heart murmur but had recently returned to the practice field.
I don't see him coming back here. Would any other team want him?

The only team that I DO NOT want Armour to sign with would be Toronto... Moreno and Armour back together again would definitely scare me!

There 2007 season stats when they played together here...

Zeke Moreno - 114 tackles(1st in CFL), 1 sack, 2 int's, 1 TD
JoJuan Armour - 84 tackles(4th in CFL),3 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries

Armour is a great linebacker and he would be a welcome player to the team by the fans.. But I don't see Armour with the Tiger-Cats, unless Obie and JoJuan can settle their differences, we will not see Armour back with us.

Seriously, does an undisciplined, aging headcase sound like a good move right now?

I could go either way on this guy. He is a head case for sure but he hits like a truck.

I am good friend with the Big Dog and he not a Problem...
There where roomers he was Changing the Calls of DC Ed ONeil cause did respect the coach
He was hard Working and was great in the Ticat Locker room

I love to see him but I think Chance are he sign in Montreal or Toronto

I liked JoJuan good man to have around when your playing a tough team. But at this time of the year when coaches are worrying about team chemistry its not a good time to go looking for a job with a not so good reputation. :expressionless:

[quote="GBonds88"]The only team that I DO NOT want Armour to sign with would be Toronto... Moreno and Armour back together again would definitely scare me!

8) Why would it scare you ??? They are both washed up at this point anyway, despite what many fans here think !!!!

Vindication for Obie, just one year later. Its easy to blend in a bad apple on a solid team... but more proof he wouldnt have worked here.

I don't want him back. I don't want Moreno either. Both were excellent LBs, and may still be. But both are on the down sides of their careers. That's not what I want to see for the Ticats this year. We already have good veteran leaders, we need players we can build around for the future, not more guys who made a splash a few years ago.

He's had his best days see you later if the tiger cats had a decent offence when he was here he would not have had so many tackles same with moreno if a couple of old men scare us were in for a long season :thdn: