Former Cat Brett Maher signs with Dallas

Ottawa was expecting him back, guess not.

Thoughts? Hey Marcel, can we interested you in a slightly used Kenny Ryan?

I wish him well but I don't like his chances to stick to be honest . My guess is that he'll be back by Labour Day if not sooner . Maybe not with the REDBLACKS necessarily but someone will pick him up as either a mid season emergency IL replacement or as an insurance policy because of a lack of consistency from another team's kicker .

more here from 3DN . The key note is the statement that he was apparently signed so as not to have the regular Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey overworked . Translation meaning it seems like he is being brought in as strictly an extra leg for Training Camp purposes only.

I say good for Maher.

An excellent example of a guy who kept at it.

Good kicker as well. In the day to day world of pro sports 2018 is trending positively for Maher.