Former Cat Boreham fails physical in Toronto

It also states that Brian Chiu has retired.

What was the problem with him, injury related or just not in shape?

Not a surprise. He messed up his back/neck towards end of last year. At the time the word in SSK was just getting back to normal physically was in doubt never mind play football. (if this was the cause of the failure)

If so Argos should protest trade with league office. Can't unload a player with a preexisting injury without full disclosure.

I wonder if the Als and the Stamps are playing the "retirement game" in order to look longer at rookies in camp? It brings back memories of Hal Patterson and Bobby Kuntz. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Jamie has had back problems for many years......his back was causing him problems while here in Hamilton

I think the neck injury is fairly recent.

Probably because of him playing like a linebacker when he gets the chance. He's laid some brutal licks on returners over the years and it comes with a cost.

Probably screaming like a banshee that he can play :lol: :roll: :lol:

From Regina Leader Post Oct. 8 2009:

"Boreham was left with a stiff neck after a loss to the BC Lions last Friday." (Oct 2)

Dont think Boreham ever returned to lineup after that.

Taman should give Toronto another starter as compensation.

Wasn't Taman the same guy who traded us Tom Canada, whose liver wasn't working?


Everyone in the league knew Boreham was hurt last year.......this was Toronto's fault they traded for him and they took their own risk. I don't see any deception involved by the Riders.

By the way, Boreham is not totally out and according to Toronto, this was just a "paper" move:

[i][b]Meanwhile, punter Jamie Boreham watched from the sideline in civilian clothes Sunday morning as the veterans got on the field for the first time.

Boreham, acquired from Saskatchewan in the off-season, failed a physical and has retired. But it’s just a paper transaction, and the Argos are keeping their fingers crossed that Boreham physically is ready soon. Barker said Boreham’s injury did not catch the team off-guard.

“It will be taken of, hopefully,? Barker said, refusing to elaborate on Boreham’s injury. “Once he can pass the physical, we’ll take a look and see where he is. I have a lot of confidence in Jamie Boreham. So that eases my anxiety.?

Boreham's absence leaves rookies Grant Shaw and Robbie Dehaze as the only kickers in camp.[/i][/b]


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Still a dubious trade to begin with to get an injured player who is a perennial last place punter even when he's healthy and shouldnt have put themselves in a position in "keeping their fingers crossed that Boreham physically is ready soon."

Must have been quite desperate.

While Sask should have known better (and maybe that's partly because the trade happened off-season when team doctors couldn't evaluate him) it's up to the Argos to complain - the fact that Toronto probably got the guys they wanted in the draft anyway, and that they did draft a kicker, probably means they won't put up a fuss.

Though if Boreham really is done, I think they should ask for compensation. Just to screw the Roughies. :wink:

They just got one of the best Young NI olinesman prospects in the league today from Taman in exchange for the always injured Cetoute.

And there it is.

Can't wait to read some of the Riderprider 180 degree spin about that one. :wink:

Sorry to hear that. I didn't want to see him play for the blue team, but I didn't want this to be the reason why.

I wish JB a full recovery.

WOW!!! Chiu retiring is big news and an even bigger hole in the Al's o-line. The guy is a 7-time allstar. AC is going to mis him big time. Hats off to Chiu, a real class act. The East just got a bit tighter.

An Argo-Cat fan

Very true. Chiu is a class act and I wish him all the best. (One C down 2 more to go)

It's because he betrayed Borehamgirl by going to the double blue!

Seriously though, I wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully it doesn't end his career.