Former cat a surprising cut by CGY

Nate Curry cut by Calgary.
Not saying we should try and get him back, but just interesting tidbit of info.
I'm surprised.

Hmm… interesting, although he could still make the practice roster.

thanks for the info.

This news is quite surprising. I was sorry to see Nate leave Hamiltom. I wonder if he is injured.

8) Keith Stokes released by Edmonton !!!!!

Eskimos cuts:
Non-Import DB Jonathan Hood
Non-Import K/P Derek Shiavone
Non-Import WR Dante Luciani
Non-Import OL Adam Rogers
Non-Import K/P Warren Kean
Non-Import S William Loftus
Non-Import OL Terriss Paliwoda
Non-Import DL Michael Jean-Louis
Import OL Daniel Barlowe
Import RB AJ Harris
Import RB Ron McClendon
Import QB Tyler Donovan
Import LB TJ Hollowell
Import WR Greg Prator
Import WR Jermaine Jamison
Import DB Bradley Robinson
Import WR Keith Stokes

Stamps Cuts:
Import receiver Nate Curry
Import defensive back Jesse Burton
Import defensive lineman Terrence Patrick
Import linebacker Trey Young
Import receiver Eddie Montgomery
Non-import offensive lineman Tom Dolezel
Import defensive lineman Charleston Hughes
Import cornerback Crance Clemons
Non-import defensive lineman Hakeem Kashama
Import receiver Reggie Williams
Non-import defensive back Sean Manning
Non-import fullback Jonathan Lapointe
Import defensive back Willie Byrd
Import defensive back Milton Collins
Non-import receiver Greg Hetherington
Import receiver James Banks

I don't get it. What's so surprising about it?

I would be suprised if he made it, not got cut.

I don't get it. What's so surprising about it?
Don't worry about it. I guess your not as finely tuned to the art of football as the rest of us gurus. :D

Not really surprising. Disappointing maybe for Hamilton fans that were hoping he'd catch on with another team after being released. Calgary has a very good receiving corps. I wouldn't be surprised at any new WR trying to make their team getting cut.

Trey Young was great at safety a couple of years ago before Calgary moved him to LB.
Clemons was a good CB. Maybe he's injured.
Nate Curry was TC fodder, not surprising he was cut what with Calgary's returning WR's.

Creehan knows both Clemons and Young ... maybe they are heading east?

Calgary has Copeland and Lewis at the slots, Ralph and Rambo at WR, and Thelwell as the 5th guy.

And people are surprised that a guy from the 3-15 Cats didn't make their team????

The thing that's even more shocking is that Karikari made the team.

Well the worst player on that 3-15 team made the Stamps lol. Too bad Curry isn't Canadian.