Former Boise State QB to sign with Eskimos

Reports in Edmonton have former Boise State star QB who was the centerpiece of one of the NCAA's most unlikely and exciting bowl game finishes in history, signing with the team .

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I like this signing a lot and am very impressed the Esks were able to lure Jared Zabransky up to Canada. Knowing that he's been on the Esks neg list for a few years, I've been waiting for us to sign him. Apparently has all of the "skills" required to QB in the CFL, as he is mobile and great with play action and trick plays(statue of liberty play to end the fiesta bowl). He's also been compared to Jeff Garcia. I'm betting he sticks on as the Esks 3rd string QB this season, with Juan Joseph kept on the PR if his showing in TC is impressive(he's only 21), and possibly overtaking Maas' role as 2nd string in the following season. Being 25 and only 4 years younger than Ray though, means that barring a serious injury to Ray, he most likely won't see any starting time with the Esks. A few years down the road, we'll probably see a situation like we had with Lefors where Z will be dealt, because I don't see anyone displacing Ray as the Esks' starter for many years to come.

pretty good signing for the esks...sure brings back memories of that great oklahoma-boise st. fiesta bowl.

You mean the greatest game of football ever played??? Don't ever understate the "pure majestry" of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. Esks fans are lucky to have him.