Former Argos head coach Leo Cahill dead at 89

RIP Leo...

Very sad to hear of this. Us old timer CFL fans only know of Leo too well. :frowning:

RIP Leo. He was a legendary CFL presence.

Need more of Leo Cahill in CFL, Thanks Leo

There's some decent stuff on YouTube about Cahill. Here's short about his HOF induction.

Perfectly said.

Would a personality and style like Cahill reportedly had even be considered in the CFL today?

Was he like Rex Ryan in the NFL?

When has the CFL ever embraced that kind of blustery approach since then? We don't do blustery very well it seems.

I agree the CFL could use a colourful character somehow attached to the league, but these days it takes an exceptionally large personality to break through the din of Trump...hey, wait a minute....

I’m sorry to hear that. Always liked the “act of god”.

Good bye, Leo.

"If they're booing me, they aren't out robbing banks."

This is a loss. Farewell.