Former Argonaut, Ricky Williams running over 'joes'.

Pros vs Joes, Ricky crushes a loud-mouth

I watched that a few times, and its the worst show on Spike, and that is saying a lot because while there are some good shows, most are terrible. Remember Stripperella?LOL

God, that show was awful... :lol: :lol:

Pros vs. Joes is an awful show.
Can't generally watch more than a few minutes.
It was fun watching Ricky destroy that one poor bastard though.

i was suprised they had ricky on there, usually its a bunch of old retired has beens... though ricky isnt exactly a dominant back anymore... he can still play

anyone watch the parts with Arturro 'Thunder' Gatti?....that was funny stuff...those JOES don't even know how to throw a punch..haha

I'm just curious to see how bad the "Joe"'s get destroyed in the episode that features MMA's K-1 fighter, Bob Sapp.

Why surprised?? "Weed" Williams IS a has been!

i don;t think the show is that good but i love seeing the joes get smacked around, cuz williams did level the one guy. and the boxer they had in that episode just had fun smacking the joes around

Yes, but after taping, they'll all sit around, have a few beers, a few "tokes". :lol: :lol: :lol:

I would like to see them try to return serves from Anna Kournikova, my bet is they wouldn't be able to, and maybe some eye candy is what the show

I like'd that Show But they should have done it on playboy or PPV

Wow. I love this show. I didn't realize many people don't agree.

I think the show is hilarious. Its so funny watching all the cocky Joes get killed.

One of my favourite shows.

Thanks for the link. The Bob Sapp episode looks interesting.