Former Alouettes' LB Tre Watson was cut for two incidents with unnamed

Ok well whose cereal did he piss in? Tre Watson is a damn good player so if its a "player and a coach" I'm gonna put my odds on either one of the QBs (and in this case Harris as he was playing) or one of the big name receivers and the player and whatever coach feels the need to baby him took offense.

Like I know he probably has his agent already yelling at him for saying this much but I'm just really, really hoping he doesn't listen and comes out with the full story. These type of soap opera moments in the locker room/sidelines can be so much fun.

Also...over under on how long it takes another team to grab him up ...I'm gonna say by 3pm today at the latest.

Micah Awe is still unsigned, I believe. I wonder if the Als will contact him to replace Watson.

I don't know if another team will sign Watson by this afternoon, but yeah I don't think he'll be sitting out very long. We'll see.

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And Speedy B is probably going to get a pass on his tantrum.

What tantrum?

The one that had Pinball out of his seat & onto the sidelines preventing a war. You must have seen it if you watched the game. Speedy was not happy, to say the least.

Ah I caught most of the game but missed a bit here and there with a sick kid. Damn pissing off Pinball is not a good idea, I feel like behind that smile he could be an absolute beast when needed. I still don't get why everyone is so in love with Banks he has done nothing in years of any great note. He's a middle tier receiver at best.

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Not seen by the cameras, the announcers said he threw a water bottle at a teammate. Ugly scene for TO when you see inhouse fighting (verbal) on the screen.

Nothing will happen to Banks though because MLSE and the Argos are WAY more concerned with having big named players then they are with winning/putting out a quality team.

They seem to have this theory that if they bring in enough big named players/stars from other teams they can bring in new fans but the problem is that the CFL tends to be a closed loop in a lot of these failing markets. People who are not currently fans of the CFL have no idea who these players are and the "marketing" department of the CFL/Argos have no idea on how to present them to bring in new fans.

Speedy Banks is a tremendous player, but he has issues,
Has for a long time!
When he was on the TiCats for the last 8 years he had a small veteran support group that knew him and his issues and would keep him focused when they saw his problems developing.
Those Ticat players aren't there for him anymore and we saw the result of that last night!

Clemons really looked angry over it.

And how often have we seen Pinball without that great smile of his? He looked pretty steamed all right. Hopefully his team took his arrival as a sign that that kind of infighting, especially on public view, won't sit with him at all. Was Watson's incident any worse than what we saw last night? I suspect not.

Who knows.

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Well if you read Watson's account he was simply speaking to the other player...I doubt it went down quite like that but I just want details

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Yup and OJ is out looking for the killer

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Is Speedy ever happy though?!?

Whatever Watson did, he sure said the right things. That may be a sign of class or it could be total BS. I expect any team that wishes to sign him would inquire further as to what actually occurred. The Bombers need a linebacker after last night.

Watson is headed to the Elks as per his twitter.

As a potential replacement for Wilson there's always Micah Awe.


Yeah but with Jones I mean it might only be 2 weeks before he is cut

I was just about to comment Chris's J will snap this puppy up and give a bowl of milk

Well I was off by a few hours but pretty good guess of 3pm