Former All-Star Jonathan Hefney Cut By Bombers

So it looks like the Bombers have released party-boy Hefney. Whatever you do gerbear9, please don't post that the 'Cats should give him a look see. :roll:


Cant imagine him meshing with Austin's "culture".

Not sure why you'd post this. Someone will sign him so its not a stretch to say the Cats should. Saying that I don't think they will.

What is your point MightyPope ?

I did not jump the gun on this one because we finally have decent halfbacks ( Webb, Colclough, Mccolough and sam linebackers Knowlton , Colclough, Brown )

This time last year , we could have used a guy like that .

mightypope ,

I think your memory

Your recently made the following comment without much thought :

gerbear9 I've got to ask you this question: Why do you always fall in love with every veteran CFL player who is released by every other team and/or the Ticats? You've done this a countless number of times. In fact, when I see a veteran released I know a can visit this forum and there will be a post ...

then after I responded to this replied with this comment below that now seems pretty lame and lacks integrity after todays comment . Taking shots at people is easy and not very welcome on here . Taking a shot at you would be like shooting fish in a barrel but i'd rather stick to talking about ticats then responding to rif raf on here

\Thank you gerbear9 for your explanation. At least I now understand where you are coming from. By all means, you are entitled to your opinion and I'm glad you post your concerns and observations on this forum as a Ticat fan. No harm done. I was just asking a question and you gave me your answer. mightypope

Sure you two dont need a room or something? Give it a rest

Glad to hear. Still hoping my integrity is intact.

"Decent" only for the time being. Then, later, 'head-scratching" over why thes guys were picked when Hefney was available.

Before we get all down on Hefney, let's keep in mind that Casey Creehan is the DC there now!!!!

Creehan maybe a lot of things but he has nothing to do why Hefney got fired. The angry midget was a burden.

Showed up days late to camp and by week.
Wrote on Lapolice locker room whiteboard.
Fined for breaking the league's apparel contract
Charged with possession and kept his boss in the dark.
Asked to stay off social media till he clears up his legal "issue" and can't even do that.

Some team will bring him in but not at the money he was going to make with the Bombers... No matter what he ends up the loser.

Just say No! to drugs.

This is your life on drugs.

Only dopes do dope.

etc. etc.

According to the Wiinipeg Free Press, Hefney was not cut because of his off field adventures but rather because his play was not up to par....

[b]Sources insisted the club was dissatisfied with what they felt was a decline in Hefney’s play last year and during this year’s training camp. While some off-field issues involving Hefney were also unwelcome — it was revealed just last Monday that Hefney was charged with posession of a small amount of marijuana in South Carolina late last month — sources indicate it was his on-field play, not off-field antics, that led to Saturday’s decision to release him.

Still, the Bombers did re-sign Hefney in January and reportedly gave him a signing bonus at the time, barely a month before he was set to become a free agent.

Curiously then, the Bombers have cut Hefney after what appeared to be a strong performance in a 24-6 pre-season loss to the Toronto Argonauts last Wednesday. Burke did say after the game, however, that he wasn't happy with how his veteran DBs played.

It’s widely expected Hefney will receive multiple offers from other CFL teams for his services and could be in another CFL training camp within days, although that could be complicated by a court date this Wednesday in South Carolina on the pot charge.

He's already signed a new deal with Winnipeg, so if anyone brings him they would have to honour the current contract.

Teams won't have to honour his contract provided he's signed after he becomes a free agent.-24 or 48 hours,after release-


Only if he had been claimed off waivers. If a team brings him in as a free agent, they can offer him anything from league minimum up.

old fan wrote: He's already signed a new deal with Winnipeg, so if anyone brings him they would have to honour the current contract.
only if Hefney is claimed off waivers.

If he clears, all subsequent offers (if any) would be from scratch.

He signed his deal with Winnipeg BEFORE he became a free agent.

According to the Winnipeg Free Press it is anticipated that a number of teams could be interested in Hefney, so he may not have to “start from scratch” financially.

Bummers had paid him a 35k bonus which now counts against their cap.

I think he goes to TOR.

By releasing him, if he is not claimed off waivers, he becomes a free agent again. Hamilton would have first dibs should they want to claim him off waivers then Edmonton....

Als cut hyped RB Dominic Rhodes.