Former 1st Round NFL Draft Pick AKILI SMITH signs

Surprised it hasnt' been mentioned yet -- the Calgary Herald reported today that Akili Smith signed a contract with the Stamps...
Former 1st round pick of the Bengals
He has (had?) a really strong arm, and good athleticism, so here's hoping it translates well at the CFL level.

Nice. Maybe he will be the QB to compliment Calgary's amazing receiving core!

wow the cfl signs another overrated nfl bust- WHAT A SHOCKER, maybe akili needs money to pay his baby mama.

Curiously I can't find anything about this on the Internet.

Well yes he could be bust but like many of our American players coming to the cFL have played in the NFL. The problem is he was a high draft choice. Last year we had the token :lol: running back from the Dolphins. But I do not recall Smith being in trouble down there. I do know that some guys are good NFL sytle QB's or they can be good CFL QB's. We will have to see for all we know he might be another Jason Gesser. But until he straps the pads on he will need to prove himself. :roll:

Hopefully for the Stamp's sake he doesn't end up being the next Tee Martin. I remember all the hype around this guy when he signed here in Winnipeg. What a bust he turned out to be.


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This guy, Tru Warier, Obviously feels that:

This was an insignificant signing.

That Akili Smith is not worth bringing up in this forum

He also feels that NFL "bust"ers dont have any place in our league.

He also thinks that Akili Smith is broke and only signed a deal with Calgary becuz he needs to pay child support.

Also feels that Akili Smith is overrated

Thanks for sharing that with us Warier.

I bet Smith does pretty good, but what do i know?

if smith does pretty why did it take him 8 years to get here, he was drafted in 1999 with culpepper and mcnabb.

If Smith does pretty, then i will retract my statement, but i do not know pretty, nor have i ever seen pretty. I am sure pretty is a very nice person though.

Hey man sorry, let me be serious here. It took him 8 yrs to get here (says you) that is a lot better than only taking him 3 yrs to get here. Downplay the siging all you want, the good news is that Calgary signed "potential" star instead of siging you.

I heard YOU came in a close 2nd when these negotiations were being made but, due to you not having any NFL experience they thought they should go with Akili. Risky maybe but it just might pay off.

why would i wanna play in some cowboy town full of rednecks?

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My take is why not? After all coming out of college it takes time for some of these guys to mature into a good pro QB. The Canadian game just might play into his strengths. And if it doesn’t well he better take a bartenders course. But I think the first thng the coaches have to do is tell him not to take the CFL lightly many guys come up with an attitude they are better then the CFL. George Cortez is great at mentoring QB’s so we will see I guess. Put it this way no matter he is an upgrade to McManus. Danny needs to start coaching great guy but his days are over as a player.

Akili Smith is an Oregon Duck therefore he automatically sucks.

In all seriousness, he has some talent and could succeed but it will suprise me.

why do so many First round nfl picks end up at the cfl,s door ? just wondering

My guess is the "Scramblers" would fit in the CFL better. Just a guess.

I find it funny. Most the QB's in the league have tried out in the nFL and did not make it that is why they are here. So tell me why is this different? The guy could be a future star or a future bartender.

It’s a crap shoot because there are so many US Colleges and a lot of “Scrambling” QB’s. Hate to bring up Doug Flutie again, but while the NFL gave up on him, look at what he did up here. Could Aklili Smith be a star up here??? Who knows, time will tell.

Thought this was interesting about a former coach of his:

“Tedford is best known for his acumen in tutoring quarterbacks, both at Cal and during his time as an offensive coordinator at Oregon and Fresno State. The former Canadian Football League quarterback has sent Trent Dilfer, David Carr, Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, A.J. Feeley, Kyle Boller and Aaron Rodgers to the NFL.”

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Also, a hellish experience for Smith in Cincy: