Formal apology to Mr. Bob O'billovich

I just wished to puclicly apologize to Mr. O'billovich for the poor judgement and lack of respect I displayed when he was hired. I questionned his ability to handle the sizeable challenge of rebuilding a football team, made remarks about his age.

Mr. O'billovich showed patience and always assured the team was in a position to improve when a rival made a mistake or an opportunity arose. While no one is perfect he didn't repeat mistakes while being fair and giving an oppotunity to those working for him before being evaluated. I've learned valuable life lessons and will put them to good use.

So congratulations Sir on achieving something difficult and I am sure there is much more success in the future for yourself and the Ticats.

Best of luck in the post season


That took alot of class.
Wonder if anyone else in here will do the same?

"That took alot of class'

How's that?

A poster who consistently second guessed and ridiculed Obie and the TC organization 's accumen only to realize the error and admit it.
Could have kept quiet or pretend he never posted it but had the class to come clean and admit it.
Good on him.

Class act man.


It is very good of you HfxTC, to acknowledge an error in assessing this. You don't need to apologize though... you may have BEEN wrong, but you didn't DO anything wrong in expressing your opinion. You had an opinion, you've changed it based on experience. That's good. Acknowledging it is even better. Learning something from it is best of all. My congratulations to you.

No worries here, Hf...... we all kow you are more a Cats fan than an Als fan anyway!!

:lol: :lol: :wink:

Good on you, HfxTC.

You weren't the only one who thought that way.


I hope nobody takes that last sentence
to mean that I didn't have faith in Obie.


You were, and are, welcome to
state your opinions here, HfxTC.

Bob has always said that.

but that age thing did bug me though. :lol:

Thanks gents.