Forget tsn complaints-- ticketmaster are worse

If the league wants to know why more and more people are enjoying games on their 60 inch big screens instead of going to games, one place to start would be ticketmaster.

Going to Friday's Riders Lions game (maybe -- at this point not looking good), but ticketmaster hasn't put the tickets into my account, despite payment being made. No way to contact anybody (at least nothing that has gotten more than an automated email response), and every time I try to log in, the app just hangs.

I have now spent more time on this than I will at the game. I think tv only from now on.


I share your frustrations with Ticketmaster and for that matter buying almost anything on line, which I rarely do. Unfortunately if you really want a ticket to a concert you don’t have any choice but to use Ticketmaster and if you are lucky enough to get through quickly, miraculously all of the best seats seem to have been “sold” in a matter of 3-7 minutes.


I guess I was out of touch - - went to a Blue Jay game to find out that they don't even have a ticket booth/window anymore. You have to buy tickets on line - no walking up and picking up a pair of tickets.


Call the ticket office.

Ticketmaster is THE WORST!

They are horrible and don't give a cow pattie for their customers. They have built themselves pretty much a monopoly on any large events in north america and all they do is just heap on service charges and use automated rubbish for customer service. My GC 19 tix left me shitting bricks that I might not get into the stadium because they would not provide will call! I had to use my phone to show the QRs to get in and my phone is 10 years old. It didn't work. So I had to give my password to my buddy to use his phone to show the QRs. Thankfully it worked but no thanks to ticketmaster as there was no one to talk to and absolutely no reply to my emails. They didn't have to. They had my 700 bucks.

And not just sports. How many times have I gone to see a band, the tickets were 27 bucks but 9 bucks was ticketmaster service charge!

Then there's their whole anti-scalping campaign. Apparently scalpers are horrible people scamming the rest of the public by re-selling their tickets above original cost (and I would agree), but it's totally okay if you scalp your ticket on ticketmaster's own website so that ticketmaster can take a cut of the scalped price! So the event costs 20 bucks, tm slaps on 5 bucks service, then I can pay 25 bucks and then put that ticket on their website for re-sale at 50 bucks, of which tm takes probably 10 bucks from. TM and the scalper both end up making 15 bucks each off a 20 ticket and the guy who sees the show is out 50 bucks. Nothing but a two-faced scam.

Ticketmaster has bullied their way into what is effectively a monopoly, certainly a monopoly over any major events in North America and use this to commit anti-trust violations by the boatload against the public. No exaggerations here.

Screw ticketmaster and the cockroaches they ride on.


Might have to try Craigslist or Ticket Leader and maybe Ticket Rocket if available in your area.

The other option can be will call.

Just have them printed out at the venue.

I feel your pain as well.

Hang in there

I did and eventually got through. The lady at the Riders office was lovely, and texted me the tix, bypassing the Ticketmaster website/app/system.

But ticketmaster does make it more difficult to attend games than it should be. At least in this case (and previous times I've tried to go, as well)

Yeah I've had to go in a couple times because I can't get them to load on my phone. Seems better this season tho as they mustve updated the internet

A similar thing happened to me last fall. I ordered tickets online from Ticketmaster for friend who was going to the game with another group during the time when QR Codes were mandatory. He couldn't get into the game either until he called me and got my password. Fortunately he was a friend so I didn't have to worry about giving out my password to a stranger but still... what a hassle. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I drove across Canada just before Covid, taking in CFL games. Ticketmaster was the worst!!!! Then there was Winnipeg. No Ticketmaster. The nicest young lady answered the phone and in just a few minutes I had my seat and all the information I needed.

Yes the Bombers have that customer service thing down right. As a long time season ticket holder I received a call from Wade Miller in 2016. It is Bomber practice for him to call many different season ticket holders every year from what I understand.

Unfortunately every other available ticket in Winnipeg seems to necessitate involvement with Ticketmaster.

Wow do I feel like a geezer already. I had no idea that paper tickets for public events were already a thing of the past though of course I am well aware of the use of codes via phones like when you board a plane.

Then again September 2018 was the last time I went to a major sporting event, and we had paper tickets for it too.

To this day I still will print out boarding passes after ordering air tickets online. Why? If you are traveling alone like me and something happens to your phone or device when you travel, it will take a whole lot more time to get the matter resolved at the airport or otherwise.

I fully support you in this mission to annihilate them.

How Ticketmaster gets away with such a racket without intervention by the Federal Trade Commission down here, including especially that scalping racket but then again they do not have a monopoly or are even an oligopoly on scalping, would seem to be also its own tale of corruption.