Forget The IWS Retrofit - Entirely New Stadium Coming

Here is the report to city council that discusses the issue with the North Stands. Here are the salient passages.

In the Spring of 2011 staff learned that the grade on the upper tier of the North Stands is such that it cannot accommodate seats with backs. To be able to renovate to include seats with backs in the upper tier would require a complete rebuild of this section. Following this information, Infrastructure Ontario undertook an exercise to provide a cost estimate for three North Stand options.

These options were: 1) a renovation to meet current Building Code; 2) a renovation to meet current Building Code plus accommodating seats with backs on the upper tier; and 3) a new North Stands. The three options listed above were discussed at a meeting in June 2011 with senior staff from Infrastructure Ontario, Toronto 2015, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the City, and a decision was made to pursue Opt!on 3 (a new North Stands).

Given the direction to build a new North Stands, Infrastructure Ontario has modified the Request for Proposal (RFP) language to reflect construction of a brand new 22,500 seat stadium.


I can see pricing coming that locks me out of the market. I was scared with the 25k size. Well, it was nice to have Season seats while it lasted. The Cats will still get the same revenue, I would think so it doesn't really harm them.

I wonder about expandability for special events.

Bring it

More proof a new stadium at a new, economically viable location is the smart move.

Sorry, Larry, but remodelling IWS isn't in the best interests of the greater good. Would it kill you to drive to Confed Park?

WOW!!! this is big news

I wonder whats going to happen now?

Back to West Harbour.

Great news, even if it stays at the current site.

Now you don't have to squish it up against Beachwood Ave.

Use the Brian Timmis area more efficiently.

Much as I'd love that, can't see it unless someone like Live Nation is having an influence.

The smart move would be to Confed Park, but alas...

The smart move would be to West harbour, but alas...

CLANG, CLANG, CLANG! Round 2! :wink:

Remember a short while back caretaker mentioned a whole new stadium? :thup:

"Smart" must have a different definition to you. If a new stadium were to be built at Confed Park there would be private money invested; at the West Harbour = None. How smart is that?

i just hope they design the stadium in a way which will allow expansion in the future.
22,500 is really small and doesn't allow future growth.

How could they expand?

IWS2 was a bad idea to begin with and has now become worse. It's embarrassing actually.

You have to look on the bright side. There will be 6,000 less people going to a game means less traffic and congestion in and around the stadium.


Lineups at the beer stands and urinals will be shorter too. The Raise the Hammer idiots should love that.

Well from what I understand they aren't doing any endzone stands.... I guess they could expand in both of those.

:thup: :thup:

No private money emerged at any location.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Everyone remembers what they wants for that.... I cant see them putting it anywhere other than where IWS is now... theres not enough time (and frankly, energy) to bring this debate back up again.

I agree, and cartetaker pretty much said as much.