Forget the Bills, are the Titans for real?

Granted, they've had a pretty easy schedule, but 5-0 is still pretty impressive, and with KC on the road and then Indy and GB at home, I could easily see them starting 7-1. I think they pretty much have the AFC South locked.

they have allowed just 11.5 ppg this matter who you've been facing i'd say thats for real.

Yikes. I knew their defence was playing well, but I didn't know they were playing that well! :o And my Colts face them in a few weeks, and our offence still isn't clicking. :?

Colts aren't looking very good. they could easily be 0-4 right now...i don't know whether its because of some injuries to the O-line but Peyton just still doesnt look the same Joseph Addai hasn't done what people expected him to so far....Marvin Harrison certainly doesnt look the same.....Add the injury of bob sanders and their Defence is lost.

Yup, Titans d is awesome but also, didn't realize that awesome! Colts, I don't know really. The Bills might be toast teetos if Edward's concussion proves to be serious. Losman just doesn't read and make decisions as well.

Don't even get me started on Marvin Harrison... :x The key fumbles and dropped passes have just about pushed me over the edge. Time to think about retirement. Reggie Wayne has officially replaced him.

I honestly think the Titans have won the division. They already have 3 games on Indy and Jax. It's kind of funny, with the off-season moves the Jags made, everyone expected them to challenge Indy for the AFC South. Tennessee kind of came out of nowhere. And the funny thing is they've done it without Young. He only played in Week 1.

The Titans have a great veteran back-up, who is capable of starting on most of the other teams in the NFL. Collins is proving it by his play. It will be interesting to see what happens when Young comes back. If I were coach Fisher, I would be leaving Collins in until he goes cold, then put Young back in.