Forget the about winning... will Hamilton even score a TD?

I already know that Hamilton is going to lose. I'm cool with that. What I want to know is... will they score a touchdown?

Yes Hamilton will score a TD on an interception return.

Ya , we should have got one last game but Jason under threw Peterson.

We would have maybe got one today but Jason under threw Flick,…grrrr

Jason Maas wont score another TD this season because he’s such a head case with actual psychological issues. Ronnie should drive him to west 5th and fennel and check him in.

We should have had 2... the officiating.... it cost Hamilton what COULD have been 2 touchdowns for NON calls in the endzone.. BOTH receivers were interfered with and no flag whatsoever...

As long as the football side is being properly assessed to find out how we can move forward positively next year, I don't much care if we score another TD this really doesn't matter to me at this's the future that counts now...

sure, I hope we win some games like everyone else hopes, but I get over the losses within minutes of the final whistle mostly....I just don't obsess over it right now...

..having said that, if we were in a playoff hunt, I'd be going ballistic.... :lol: :wink: