Forget preseason I've already figured out the GC champ

Saskatchewan 30 Calgary 38 in Calgary

  • love my riders but this is a year they get all their new pieces on the same page...grey cup champs in 2009 again.

Winnipeg 26 Hamilton 17 in Winnipeg

  • hamilton stays healthy but is a few years away from a GC apperance

Calgary 13 BC 42 in BC

  • Hank throws 4 ints while Buck Pierce yes Pierce not Jackson throws 5 td passes

Winnipeg 27 Toronto 24 In Toronto

  • In OT toronto leads most of the game but Glenn leads a last minute drive to tie the game

Winnipeg 24 BC 10

  • Milt Stegall takes it upon himself to win his title...and retires immediately after the game.

Some bold predictions, Hamilton fans will be grateful they at least made the playoffs this year.

Winnipeg will not win a GC as long as Westwood is their kicker and since the two incubents they have in camp are even worse...

Actually, Serna is a very good PK, he just can't punt, and Munroe is a very good punter, who can't PK. Plus those guys are both imports. If Westwood wasn't a nonimport, capable of doing both, he'd of likely already lost his job. Obviously, it's a ratio thing for Berry.

I'll be going to the preseason game Thursday against the Als and let you know what I see.


I guess Berry figured out the ratio problem.

so ya troy got released by the bombers today and the kickers have looked pretty good if you ask me.

Calgary over Winnipeg - the huffnagal factor.

calgary has it in the bag this year, i ahte to admit it

I think the stamps have as good of chance to win as anyone but i havnt seen Burris (as good as he is) yet have the ability to prevent the choke or not to panic in the late stages of a close game.

He did it in Green and White and unfortunately for the stamps he will continue to do it in red and white.

with huffnagal as coach, and DD on board, this could very well be Hanks best yr.

I don't think Hufnagel will have any remorse about pulling Hank if he becomes Frank, or should I say when he becomes Frank.

And their defense is in good hands with Jones. Calgary and BC are going to have some major battles me thinks.

I'd be surprised if the Bombers burn 2 import roster spots on kickers. I can see one and then have a young Canadian do the other.

Either Riders repeat or Winnipeg wins the cup.

Go Riders

The West Final will not be in B.C. this year because the West Final is hosted by the #1 team in the West.

Dread the Red.

Westwood is gone.

Winnerpeg wins the Grey Cup!

Bombers 34 Stamps 29

I guess O’Mahony solves part of that problem, he will punt and Serna PK.

I like the Stamps, I like Chris Jones as DC, but I’m not yet sold that he has enough talent around him. And that young o-line, there will be growing pains. But by the end of the year, you never know.

I like the talent around him.

Anderson, Karikari, Armour, Young, Lysack, Clemons, James, Browner, Byrd, Carpenter.......

The talent is there, they just need to gell.
Thats where Jones comes in.

Like Ro stated last year. Why do we need to play the games in between the GC if we already know. Seriously anyone could get the prize at the end of the year. No predictions from me.