Forget Eakin...

He's been a failure on this team, a failure at the NFL camps, and played in a failed league. Coach Taaffe doesn't want him, Desjardins doesn't want him, and most of all, I don't want him. From The Spectator: "With Maas as No. 2, the Cats aren't currently interested in Kevin Eakin, who started the final two games of the season here last year. Eakin was cut by the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday."

Don't forget, Eakin was SHUT OUT by the blue team (how soon you Eakin-lovers forget). He had ONE good game in 1.5 seasons with us.

He's a nice guy and all, but a pretty bad QB...

Yawn !


I beg to differ as I think he was just not given a chance to show what he's really all about due to the confusing situation he found himself in here.....but if he's truly gone for good, I wish him luck in the future and hope like hell the Argos don't sign him to come back and burn us....ughhhh!

But yeah, time to move on and keep looking for future Ticat stars....

...fair enough Sigpig

Go Chang!

lol hey sig just so you know about 80 percent of the cfl are guys that failed in nfl camps. lol just sayin

Sorry Aaron…you and your “little gang” of bashers DON’T GET IT!

Eakin has more promise, more skill, better arm and a better attitude than “Your Guy”!

We have wasted a year and a half trying to make him work. Remember “For Whatever Reason”?

Remember… “If we don’t give the other a guy a chance…we will never know”?

Eakin got PaoPao’ed and in spite of that he still went on to a better contract and got more playing time.

He will be allright and if he did come back to the Ticats… “if” I’m sure he would do well.

However…if he doesn’t…we will never know …will we?

Timmy Chang…AND Richie Williams will now be given an opportunity and if Maas is still around…he will do what he can to help these guys and THIS TEAM!

You and your “little gang” of bashers with your “Glad I’m not posting on ‘’ attitude” need an additude adjustment. Settle down…sit back and enjoy the rest of the season.

What so many of us have asked for has finally come to pass. That MaasMess/Lancaster/GlueyHuey…deal with the devil has cost us a year and a half of problems.

Can we move on now and enjoy some football without the constant fan and player bashing?

Gee "Gary" - getting a little personal in your attacks? You can bet that this will be addressed...

I said it in the other Eakin thread and I will say it here as well. Personally, I will never forgive him for his laughing it up with the other team after throwing multiple horrible INT's as the Ticats got stomped at Ivor Wynne.

It was offensive to me. And I don't welcome him back because of it.

I hold grudges, what can I say!

There will be plenty of import quarterbacks available very soon. We don't need to worry about some flash in the pan from the previous regime.

  • paul

BTW - if you actually read and comprehended what I wrote - I criticized the abilities, NOT the person.

I always thought that this was a DISCUSSION board, where one could state his/her opinions and discuss them in an adult manner. From woody's post - apparently not.

C’mon Sigpig…seriously…if you don’t like “”, leave so the rest of us that aren’t so mean-spirited can enjoy posting and yapping with each other…

…this other website you and a few other malcontents are in really show your “stripes” so to speak…and it does nothing but undermine the Ticats fan community don’t you think?..

here’s a sample from you, yourself for cripes sakes…

click here

And you started the thread!..very sad.

Why do you and a few of your cronies even come here to disrupt the rest of us then? bully us?..I don’t get it?

All I did was state my opinion. For that, I get bullied by guys like you and woody. I thought we were (for the most part) adults. I really feel sorry for you that you have to act in such a manner.

Notice I didn't jump all over you in "your" Eakin thread? I read it, I have my own opinions, but I choose not to post in it. As I said, I like the guy, I just don't feel IMHO, that he's a good QB.