Forge FC (Tiger Cat partners)

A shout out to our boys in orange who manhandled the Calgary team (Cavalry) at THF today in front of 10,850 fans!

Forge: 1 goal, 3 cross bars, 1 missed penalty kick
Cavalry: no goals, only 1 shot on net, only 30% possession

Disappointed that Tristan Borges (best player and leading scorer in the league) will miss the rematch. He was given a very undeserved red card (looked like the referee was trying to even it up for the red card given a Cavalry player earlier in the game).

Next game is on Saturday in Calgary at 3:30pm; it will be televised.

Was at the game. For this reason JUST finished watching the Cats on PVR and now to this board. oy…

That’s the best I’ve seen them play this year. I hope they can bring that intensity with them to Calgary next week. Even without Borges, they still have a lot of players who can score.

The handball on the Cavalry player was definitely a penalty shot but the replay showed him trying to avoid the hand contact with the ball. It was not done deliberately. No way that was a red card. I actually felt bad for him as he was pleading his case to the ref.

I don’t agree. Joel Waterman (#15) had been verbally warned earlier by the referee.

Regardless, the red card on Borges was TOTALLY bogus, especially when the Cavalry player, Jay Wheeldon, who instigated the scrap, only got a yellow card. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of the game plan by the Cavalry coach (Tommy Wheeldon, who happens to be Jay’s older brother!), to encourage such a challenge to get Borges, the best player in the league, out of the competition. Tommy Wheeldon is a Class “A” a$$hole - he was responsible for Kyle Bekker getting a 2-game suspension in their first meeting in the Spring!

Borges is an aggressive footballer, but he is definitely not a cheap-shot artist. I hope they challenge that red card before next Saturday.

Agreat partnership good for the Caretaker & the Loyal TiCat fans.
They got the new stadium and are making great use of it.

Why is this on the ticat site.we are here to talk about real football

Feel free to move on without commenting them. But Forge FC is a part of the Tiger-Cats family. What’s good for Forge is good for us, and, more importantly, for Bob Young.

Thanks CFLsteve and Jonny24! Yes, we are one and the same family…

Forge FC is contesting the red card today. BTW there is slomo footage of the incident showing a deliberate “assault” on Borges by coach Wheeldon’s brother, Jay.

Our friends at TFC are in agreement that the red card was undeserved.

I thought this was a ticat only site.where are the mods

Can we move this to off topic please.

Does he still own red hat .we could cheer for his is the real estate market in s Carolina.thats good for the ticats too

Red Hat got bought out in July.

The North Carolina housing market is going strong.

In other news, some hate seeing any reference to soccer while others love it. In-between are those who feel that it is occasionally relevant and thus the ‘rules’ may be bent every once in a while.

Signing off…

Let’s talk bulldogs

And we did, briefly, when their uniforms changed colours.

Oh my! If you don’t like hearing about the Forge FC (part of the TigerCat family - thank you, Bob!), then don’t come onto this Forge board.

I know there’s some animosity from some of the TigerCat fans about sharing a stadium with “real” footballers, but Bob Young has bought into this, so why don’t you? The new CPL league is designed to showcase Canadian talent (75% Canadian content), and one of the positives is that it could feed the Canadian national team and even the MLS. You might want to attend a game or two to see the excitement in watching very athletic and skilled young men, many who reside around the GTA, perform.

There’s no animosity. I wish them well and hope they are successful. This is not a Forge board. The heading is Hamilton Tiger Cats. CFL forums. Not Hamilton Forge. Rules are rules it belongs in off topic. I’m sure there must be soccer specific forums for Forge discussion.

Please enlighten me - what rule are you referring to?

One tiny thread about the Forge soccer team and suddenly a few blowhards start acting like their thong is wedged too deep.

How hard is it to ignore a thread you have no interest in?

Thanks for your supportive comment, Krisiun. Since the season ends on Saturday (hopefully, with a good outcome), I don’t expect many more complaints from the wedged few.Wouldn’t it be great if Bob’s 2 teams win trophies this year - especially on Calgary soil? ;D