Forge FC assistant coach suspended for racist remarks

Forge Assistant Coach Suspended for Misconduct

If a racist misconduct similar to the one by the Forge FC assistant coach was committed by your CFL hometown coach or a coach, would you as a hard core fan just sluff off the 45 day suspension as enough punishment? Or would you do as I would and remove all your support for the CFL team, if the coach was not also immediately fired?

considering that he might not be guilty and not knowing what it is he was supposed to have said, I would wait and see.

Poor thread title. Makes it sound like it was the head coach.

A “mass on field confrontation” is how the article describes it. Now we all know that EVERYONE talks very polite in these types of get-togethers. ::slight_smile:

I think punishment would have to fit the crime:

I would have to know what he said and the context.
does he have a history of saying or displaying racist behaviour?
Was something said to/at him? What was said to him? Was it offensive as well? Was someone verbally attacking him/his family?
Was what this person heard, actually what was said?

Once these factors are known, I think the debate of what punishment he should get can be had.
Based on known factors, once we have them, one could see a suspension to possible loss of employment.

If this was a blatant racist remark, it baffles me in sports that coaches and players would hold such strong views like this. Is there a profession that has more diversity than pro team sports?

My point is who really cares what anybody calls you. It doesn’t matter…Who won the game is more important. It’s so easy to make a mountain out of a mole hill. why don’t we all just get on with living and forget the ‘he said, she said’ BS.

Call me whatever you want. I am not gonna complain or file a grievance or call the PC police. We all need to grow up…Pass me a beer.

Dan, sounds like a good idea!

What did he even do or say? The article says only “racially insensitive comments after a mass on-field confrontation”, which is highly subjective at best. All it is at this point are allegations, so I can’t really draw a conclusion as to the best course of action. It certainly wouldn’t affect my support for a team in any league

If we pay attention to it and make big talk about it, it only gives fodder for the PC whackos. If we ignore it like most adults do, it goes away. Lots of racial slurs go on in the heat of the game BOTH WAYS. I was always willing to buy the guy a pint after. Everything is usually cool.

I’d bet the majority of compassionate true Canadians would agree that racism is never cool, not even in sport. And FYI it’s racists that are whackos.

I agree 100%. I am in no way condoning racism. I am simply stating that if we blow up every little thing someone says it causes more problems than it solves. It was in the middle of a two team riot for cripe’s sake. You can’t tell me that this guy was the only culprit. How come only he was charged?= scapegoat.
When we were kids playing hockey we called everyone everything. After the game we went to each other’s homes for supper. It didn’t mean anything. Nobody got reported and nobody really cared because you got as good as you gave.

It was in the heat of a brawl, not at a dinner party.

Sorry if you misunderstood my meaning.

I think you just don’t get it. Children with all their youthful exhuberance and ignorances are not adults who should know better. The heat of the moment is no excuse. Actually it’s the telling time.

Well you go ahead and make a BIG deal out if it just like I said it would be and all you had to do was forget about it like I am forgetting about it now.

What a terrible analogy. Children’s brains are still developing so we can forgive them these. In fact this development continues to occur until well into our 20s. Adults can and should be held to a hire standard regardless of the situation they find themselves in. Your speculation about what might have happened is rather misinformed as the people who rendered this judgement gathered information from all available sources to determine it. They assuredly did not idlely speculate on a forum that “the guy was the only culprit,” based on nothing more than one’s own biases.