Forde's Top Ten NCAA Canadians for 2009 Draft

With the Ticats out of the playoff hunt this year, some of the attention will turn to how to improve the team for next year and beyond. Here is the link to a good article posted by Duane Forde on today listing the top ten draft eligible Canadians or non-imports playing in the NCAA.

With the first pick overall and the probable third pick overall, the Ticats can select two of the players on this list or go with CIS players. If you were the Ticat GM, which two NCAA players would you choose?

Easy…I’d pick the two Offensive Linemen. But the way things have been going with this team…they’ll select Eric Lee the running back!

Best 2 athletes....always, or trade for a Non-Import D-_Lineman or O-Lineman

First and foremost you should pick the best two players available. There’s no sense in drafting “for need” when these Canadian kids might not make the league. Having said that then I’d look at players who are physical specimens. Guys who are bigger, stronger, faster. Then I’m starting to think that there’s no point in drafting Canadians who play non-traditional Canadian positions. For instance RB, DE, DB. While it’s nice to have these “ratio-busters” on our team, when they get hurt it throws your ratio out of whack and you have to sit good players (like Tre Smith) who otherwise are in the lineup every week.

So the 2 guys I’d pick, based on this list, would be Zac Carlson OL (Weber State 6’4" 300lbs) and Tristan Black LB (Wayne State 6’3" 243). The reason I’d choose them are because obviously we need to upgrade the O-line and because it seems like the Cats are anxious to get a Canadian into a starting linebacker spot and I’m not convinced Mariuz is the answer.

I don’t think drafting a Candian DB is a good way to go because there just aren’t that many Canadians who start in the secondary across the league. Sure there’s probably a couple of safeties that are Candian, but other than that, the only Canadian I can think of playing in the secondary is Davis Sanchez. I also wouldn’t pick the TE and try and transform him into something he’s not. We tried that before with Kori Dickerson and Ray Thomas and those experiments didn’t work. The Cats also don’t need to draft a long snapper only because we have a good snapper in Robichaud. The receivers are possibilities, as the Cats have drafted receivers in recent years, but then they get little playing time, or get traded away as spare parts (Getzlaf).

A quick reminder, the CFL Draft generally doesn’t provide instant stars to teams. Most draftees become special teamers to start as they adjust to the pro game. These players need a couple of years to mature into starters. This is the case for Bekasiuk and Dyakowski who the Cats drafted high, but these kids are getting killed in the public forums. Anyone we draft will need time to develop, remember that.

yep, i agree. do what calgary did. Take 2 offensive lineman that played NCAA ball and have them both start.

so i guess in this case the best choices would be:

Zac Carlson (#3 on Duane's list)
Bill McGrath(#7 on Duane's list)

This is a link to a question and answer session with the head coach of the Central Michigan University football team prior to the Motor City Bowl where he states that defensive back Eric Fraser, ranked by Duane Forde as the top NCAA Canadian prospect for the 2009 CFL Draft, fractured his ankle on Nov 12/08.

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re- Wallace-"Easy....I'd pick the two Offensive Linemen. But the way things have been going with this team....they'll select Eric Lee the running back!" - Trouble is they have done just that with Dyakowski, OL Non-Import 6.05 294 1984-04-19 Louisiana State and Bekasiak,OL Non-Import 6.06 315 1982-01-01 Toledo Both have struggled to adapt to Canadian rules. IMHO better to draft from CIS.

Has anyone heard if any teams exceeded the salary cap and if the Cats are in line for an extra draft pick?

I think we should trade these picks to Peg for a veteran pant load.