Forde and Schultz high on Cats

On the Fan 590 (Mike Hogan's show) this morning, both Duane Forde and Chris Schultz said that they expect the Tiger Cats to be much better this year. They both think the weak spots from last year have been addressed with the new additions, and think that some of the young players from the last couple of years are ready to step things up. Forde says if any two of the following 3 players -- Chris Bauman, Dylan Barker and Jermaine Reid -- can take it to the next level, the Tiger Cats can be very good.

As long as Marty York doesnt pick us to finish first again lol.

Hopefully Reid really steps ups. Our dline is still our weakness.

The Cats have a good buzz about them this year. I think it's more because the Bombers and Boatwomen are going to be bad.

I thought the cats were going to do well the last 3 years but I think we have enough holdovers from last year with experience to really make a push for a home playoff date this year.

It will be interesting to see how the Alouettes play this year. They are getting long in the tooth and maybe last year was their last year of magic.

I am starting to babble..........sorry...............1.5 weeks until our home preseason game!

CS was also high on the Cats last preseason.

Reid is talented and quite strong but I have noticed over 07-08 that he isn't so good in the gaps. He gets a good push up the middle but often lets RB's run right past him.

If he can shoot the gaps better this season I think he has a good shot at being a starter. Drew Edwards posted that Reid was getting first team reps in practice the last couple days. We shall see.

I'll be surprised if the 'Cats don't start an all-import defensive line. They are going to start seven non-imports and I believe those spots will be 4 O-linemen, 1 Rec., 1 FB and 1 Safety. The only other possibility I see is to start all-import receivers. Lots of options this time around.

i haven't heard too much from Marty York lately - I know he's been in troulbe.

I always thought they were high on something.

That is a different Marty York.

Hey Madjack - you don't have much of a sense of humour do you.