Ford Must See: Best catches in CFL history

... or at least since TSN got the contract(?).

THREE Als in the top 10 ... well two Als and three catches:

What are the 10? Video is geo-blocked here.

[i]Johnny uses this to bypass that geo blocking crap, and a few other things... Johnny is currently writing this post from Sweden, even though Johnny's big hairy paysan arse is in St-Leonard! :smiley:


Je crois que si Duane s'était donné la peine de réviser la carrière de Cahoon, il y aurait probablement 9 attrapés de Cahoon et celui de Green à Regina pour couronner le tout.

  1. Cahoon one-hander against Edmonton to the 3 yard-line
  2. Cahoon "around the helmet" against saskatchewan
  3. Ownes against Ottawa this week
  4. Richardson one hander in the back of the endzone against Sak (in O/T?)

Number 1 was not Richardson but S.J. Green, on July 1,2010. Saskatchewan won 54-51.


Was Weston Dressler's catch from 2010 there? In the fan voting at the end of that year, the Rider faithful stuffed the ballot so Dressler beat out Green.

brain FART

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