Forced to pay for premium cable to watch CFL?

Hold on! Perhaps you've stumbled upon in. Maybe the OP was in a coma since 2005 and just now woke up. That way, the NHL lockout wouldn't surprise him, but the CFL not on CBC would. That's got to be it.... right?

It's criminal and should be abolished by law.
This country was founded
On a reaction to...and under the interdiction from
Monopolies and all they represent

And here we go
Human race and all
One world for the rich
And those who will toe the line
And the rest left out in the cold.

Shame on the CFL!

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CFL on CBC is bush league, HNIC is bush league, I hate all CBC Sports telecasts

I remember ten years ago thinking man I wish TSN could show the Grey Cup, Ive been happy ever since, Id rather CTV show our game then CBC

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Taxpayers funding that huge beauracracy. Look at what passes for comedy. This Hour hasn't changed their act in 15 years someone has to tell them that the "shouting Newfies" are just not funny, it's insulting.
Look at the BBM ratings, it's rare that a CBC program makes the top 30.

Look at the BBM ratings, most of the top 30 is imported American stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then what do you want the Cfl to do?

Oy some of the reply’s here :roll:
I should know better, but I’m gonna throw my 2cents in anyway.
I haven’t turned on “TV” since the blue jays were in the world series. So in my tiny little mind I see little to no reason to even have a TV.
It now sounds like I’m not considered a productive member of society because I do not pay TV bills :roll: Oy I’m even worse than that I don’t pay a call display bill either. Shame on me for not subscribing to the same things that some people take for granted.

Whew! I pay an internet bill perhaps I can be spared…then again it is only basic internet perhaps I should be flogged. now I’m confusing myself in front of the world :oops:

Radio works for me. But I do need the internet to get all of the teams radio broadcasts, except Toronto of course best I can tell is they have no radio broadcasts of their games. And that to me is a joke…the joke of the big smoke. 100 years and still no radio?

TSN is doing a fantastic job IMO. Best I can tell though is that you can only watch the game online after it’s over…oh well if I want to watch them live I’ll have to become a more productive member of society and pay a TV bill like my neighbors.
The only thing on TV that interest me now is the CFL, nothing else…I haven’t the spare time to watch the drivel in that box and to be honest I find that it insults me to no end.

When I signed up for internet no one told me I could get the CFL online. I have complained in this forum in the past and got pretty much the same response as you see here and that’s fine I can see some of the points put forward.

So I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining too much, I just want to point out that there are people who have very little use for “TV” but still do love the CFL.

Accessibility is everything… Ok so maybe that’s a bit of a stretch after all what do I know, but one would think accessibility would do wonders for the future development of the game, after all it seems to have done wonders for hockey…or not? Would hockey be as rampant in Canada today if we as youngsters were not able to watch it because our parents were too poor to be able to afford the broadcasts? I have my doubts.

At this time the only way i can see the Cbc making a big push for the Cfl and to keep the NHl rights is to launch a sports channel.

Would hockey be as rampant in Canada today if we as youngsters were not able to watch it because our parents were too poor to be able to afford the broadcasts? I have my doubts.

How many real young kids watch a lot of soccer on TV, not that many I would say, and I think soccer outnumbers hockey for no. of youth involved in a league if I'm not mistaken. :?

I've no idea but I also don't dispute that fact (if it is indeed a fact) either way I think the answer is obvious = the cost to play the game.

I don't wish CBC to take over broadcasts of the CFL. If I must make a wish I wish the CFL to be more accessible. Having to pay for this package or that package or whatever it takes :roll: , just make it easier to access is all I'm trying to say.

What I will say is I remember growing up as a young boy in Sask, it was disheartening to say the least, to not be able to watch my hometeam because the 2 games a year the were scheduled to be broadcast were blacked out locally? WT...? Did that take away my interest from the team and the sport...darn right it did.

Now before ya'all go telling me I should have been attending the games....think again.

If that meant the feds handing Tsn money nto make it more easy to access would you support that?

Huh? What language is this? I'm afraid I don't understand poetry. Is this in favour of, or totally against, TSN? I just don't get it.

Hmm I'm not going to answer that for several reasons, 1st whether I agree or not it's not my decision to make. Do I think the general public would agree to that = I doubt fact I highly doubt it.

What I was trying to get at is that the CFL should be in control of itself... just do it. I don't care how, make the proper decisions to get it done. Whether it be a TV deal, which I believe is due soon, or just get the right to broadcast your own game in as many ways as possible.

I hate to say it because it would benefit me but couldn't it be possible to stream the games live online? too expensive? how expensive as opposed to the cost of losing fans and fan support?

Didn't they try that last year with Friday night games? I believe I watched a few of those. Cost vs benefit didn't work out? Certainly not in the short term? The all mighty $ = we need to benefit immediately or else it won't work. I guess only time can tell if it'll work or not.

I wonder how much time we need to give those few games that were broadcast online last year to show results - I say that sarcastically.

The one thing that always erked me about the CFL is the lack of accessibility. Nothing to do with CBC or TSN. It's the CFL's problem. I pay an internet fee, I could but I don't pay for TV but if I did have TV would I have to pay extra to get the CFL?
That's 2 bills just to get 1 program.

Guess I'll stick with the radio if that's the case because I'm still not willing to pay the one extra bill.
Guess I'll hear the typical "well I'm not much of a fan if that's the case" hmmm I do either listen to or watch over 90% of the season games and all of the finals? Ya you're right though not enough doh = you don't exist.

All I can say is I think that the lack of accessibility does nothing but hurt the CFL.

I don't want it on TSN or CBC I want it on both. I suppose in this day and age that somehow isn't possible. Fine pick another 3 letters and get it out to as many people as you can.

you answered your own question, if you don't want to pay then don't, most of us show value to things and purchase what is important to us. If your going to rant about something thats not free to watch then don't complain. Its a digital age you pay for your programming you want, you can watch games on TSN.CA

and you can also watch CFL games on your cell phone, or see the big game sunday in the theatre but sorry you will have to pay for either

TSN is on basic cable if you are with Shaw (i.e. Calgary). It is not on basic if you have Rogers as your cable provider.

Pffft Rogers. How freakin' lame is that?

TSN is in Cogecos basic package in Hamilton. Rogers is there competitor so Rogers would screw TSN and the CFL :roll:

I have heard this argument before. It appears that if you have Rogers Cable you may need to pay a little more. All other Cable networks seem to have it in a basic package. If you are a sports fan you have TSN as it i the top Sports only Network in Canada much like ESPN in the states. Just out of curiousity how much more do you have to pay to get TSN on Rogers cable Network?

From what I have been reading is that TSN and CTV are both under the Bell Umbrella. Games on CBC are never going to happen as there coverage and TV revenue helped to putting thr CFL out of business not that far back. TSN has the option to show games on CTV but have chose not to. In the next TV deal this may be something that the CFL takes into consideration for at least the GREY CUP and possibily division finals. TThe games would still be Broacast by TSN and and just have the games aired on the overall Network. TSN is essential as it can promote games during other events and have special features.
ESPN airs the games on its partner ABC when NFL games n that maret are on Monday night.

Might not be that simple. If CTV's contract with the NFL goes beyond the CFL's TV deal with TSN, then they might not be able to show CFL games on CTV because of CTV's deal with the NFL. Ratings or not ratings, CTV cannot violate their contract with the NFL or they risk getting sued. Games during the summer months could be played on CTV, but not in the fall and especially not during the CFL playoffs. CTV aired games during the semis and finals, so I don't think the option to play those games on CTV exists now and might not be negotiable depending on the length of the contract between CTV and the NFL.

This is the first I've heard of this. Do you have a link that proves this? I know this was the belief when ESPN acquired the rights to the BCS, but those rumours were kiboshed. Now I think just the Rose Bowl is shown on ABC, while other BCS games are shown on ESPN.