Forced to pay for premium cable to watch CFL?


I gotta say I am pretty disappointed that I have to subscribe to premium cable to watch CFL playoffs now.

What happened to the days when Canadian citizens who pay Canadian tax could watch their national sports on CBC?

Don't think I'll watch another CFL game. Thankfully there are 10+ NFL games today to watch on non-premium cable.

..won't pay for HD cable but yet you buy internet service...hmmmmm...

Do you think all national sports should be on Cbc?

all games have been on tsn, so why complain about today?

how cheap can you be if you wont even pay for tsn.

Football is not our national sport.

if you are just a playoff bunny, who needs you

TSN is on basic cable and if your a real football fan it shouldn't be a issue!

What a dumb topic. Tsn is basic cable if you are that hard up catch a stream online.

TSN is on basic cable in almost all markets. If your service provider charges you extra for it and it is that big of a deal I would recommend switching service providers, because you obviously have basic and likely more if you have 10 NFL games on today.

grief from a 1st time poster

The TSN thing bothers me too, but from what I hear CBC was a lot worse, so I'd rather it be like this. TSN gives it awesome production, and is on basic cable for almost everyone. Unfortunately, not for me :frowning:

But they had the lowest TV ratings on the CBC. Viewership has doubled on TSN, the CFL has never had an average of 800,000 viewers!! So I assume you are in the small minority that doesn't subscribe to TSN
If you can't get TSN on cable or satelite which I can't, watch on the internet.

I just realized that this was his first post so I assume he is a troll

In Ottawa, it's not included in basic cable on Rogers, probably because it's owned by Bell, their competitor. So unless you want a satellite dish on your roof (Bell Fibe isn't here yet), you're stuck paying a little extra to get TSN.

That does suck but if you are a fan and want to watch the games and the excellent production TSN puts forth it is worth it. If not, there is always Honey Boo Boo.

Yup, it's definitely worth the extra few bucks a month to me.

we pay extra for tsn as part of a pkg, but its cost is peanuts. Even a person on welfare could afford it. Way less than the cost of internet.

I just had to tap this thread again.

You have not apparently watched a CFL game in several seasons…you are a demographic near the bottom of the priority list. Twice as many Canadians have tuned in to disagree with your sentiment.

Wee, everyone got trolled. There is not 10+ NFL games on basic cable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if TSN is not on basic cable in some markets it's an outrage and something should be done about it. Write letters, complain to your various levels of government reps, picket, start a campaign, change providers, whatever, but don't just complain about it and then take your ball and go home. That's just lame.

The CBC, while available everywhere, was a pathetic, amateurish, lack lustre, careless production in the last few years before it was unceremoniously not even invited to bid on the TV rights. Meanwhile, TSN has taken over, given the CFL the respect it deserves, and has reaped the benefits of record numbers of viewers for some games and consistently dominating numbers for most. And all while apparently not being on basic cable everywhere.

If you don't have TSN in your cable package, then just pay $5 to watch the 100th Grey Cup on the big screen at your nearest Cineplex Cinema. No need to pay for premium cable to watch it, but the choice is yours. :wink:

10+ NFL games on basic cable? I have the HD sports package (no Sunday ticket or anything) and I got six NFL games today. If I just had basic cable, I would have had three. A very far cry from 10+. I'm thinking everyone got trolled.

I heard about this! GREAT idea! I'd love to watch a game like that. Though I don't suppose they'd let you walk in with a cooler :lol:

And yeah, it looks as if some doofus wants to feel all superior by defending the NFL :lol:

Exactly. So, the OP "just" found out the games weren't on CBC - and now he's not going to "keep watching"? Too funny.

PS: Someone should let the OP know there's an NHL lockout so he doesn't get too confused on Saturday nights.