Forbidden Website's Call for Nominations


Your Forbidden Website is calling all Cats's fans for nominations for the 2007 Inductee into the Hall of Fame.

Nominate by visiting the websites guestbook.

Voting to take place at the Horseshoe Tavern in downtown toronto during the "Release the Forbidden Curse" Grey Cup Kick Off Party on November 21st.

Past winners include:
02 - John Huard
03 - Mike Vanderjagt and Sherwood Schwarz.
04 - Andre Rison
05 - R.J. Soward
06 - Arland Bruce da Turd (III)

How about Jerome "turnstile/Benedict Arnold" Davis?


and anyone who believes in curses ought to know that the way to end a curse is to stop believing in it and the worst thing you can do is talk about it every 2 minutes lol.

Ah, John Huard. From back in the day when the Argos were the dysfunctional organization.

J.I. Albrecht hires him to coach Shreveport, but then Lonnie Glieberman cans him before he's even coached a game. Then Albrecht hires him for the Argos in 2000, and Huard goes 1-6-1, and then quits in a huff after BC smokes the Argos 51-4.

Even though the Argos had the top-rated defense under Jim Barker in 1999, Huard called the Argo D pathetic in his introductory press conference. Then he instituted his secret weapon - skipping with skipping ropes during practice.

The Argo defense then plummeted to the bottom of the ranks in 2000, until Huard finally abandoned ship.

Marshall, Lancaster and Taaffe got nothing on that.

How I miss the years of the pathetic Argos and the competent Ticats.

Oshea Please

I have one, and he may be the first non-Argo ever nominated, and even the first person not employed by the Argos (although I would like to debate that!)

Here it is...

The one and only...


Yes, that's right, old Jake the Snake himself. He's not an argo, but it's quite clear he hates Hamilton, and if he had the choice he would choose the Argos over Ticats anyday.

No, he's not employed by the Argos (although that's debatable :wink: ) but he still embodies anti-Hamilton sentiments that resonates with Torontonians.

So how bout it?

Ya, it's amazing that an HOF award has alluded O'Shea for so long. Really, he deserves a lifetime achievement award.

I could definitely see the MVP of the 1996 Grey Cup making it on the HOF ballot this year.


Most "winners" at the Forbidden Website receive "Argos Suc|<" buttons or incriminating photos thereof (being caught posing with said button in the frame). In the case of O'Shea, may I recommend a billboard-sized induction? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

I would definitely hand the nomination to Belli for his sucker punch in the gonads of an opposing offensive linemen he played against a few weeks ago

Bunner posted on another website that the last few years the eventual inductee didn't surface until playoff time. Send in your nominees.

Mike "it's my team" McMahon.

Mr.TSN! "Porky" Mcmanus!

Lay off Danny Justdoit
Beside he never Been an Argo

He Been a Lion a Eskimo a Bomber a Stampeder and yes a Ticat but never an Argo..

Danny is a friend of the Forbidden Website.

Et tu, Brute? Not a chance. Here he his with the Macaroni Man.

I'm really starting to like you less and less. :stuck_out_tongue:

Danny is a saint. Back off.

I'm good with Ireland.

I got tons like that that go for the past 17 greycups buddy!The only thing I find shocking is how skinny he looks there!Mr TSN "Porky"Mcmanus was!

I am torn between my hatred for Adriano "10 yard sack, 15 yard personal foul penalty" Belli and Jerome "on loan so I can steal your playbook and signals" Davis.

And then there is Jake "give the ____s a short field" Ireland ...

Life always has choices ...

I am going to go with Belli. I've never had meat from his plant before, but I am sure IT STINKS and HAS POOR TASTE!

  • paul

Oh yes Jake is the Worst out there!As for Borehamgirl, I am only having fun with someone who has laughed at hamilton fans everytime he set foot in Ivor Wynne!Mcmanus isnt perfect a well miss.Just a little too fat!LOL

As of the end of the third quarter of the Eastern Final, my current favourite is Kevin "10 Point Guarantee" Eiben.

Although Michael "1 Point" Bishop is making a strong case for himself.