Forbidden Purchase

Watch out for the news today. Sounds like those argos are mixing things up again and spearheading an effort to deflect the purchase of a National Football League team. The money involved would directly implicate our own caretaker in the plot.

A fiction writer would be hard pressed to come up with a better story. Too bad this one is written by 2 of Canada's finest.

Good stuff:

The plot thickens. Whatever happens and the day comes that there is no CFL, football is extinct to me.

Yes it's front page news on CTV Sportsnet.
Argo owners after an NFL team.
I don't think it will affect the CFL too much. Maybe they could move the Argos to Ottawa.

According to the Globe and Mail....IF (a huge IF) it ever happened that Toronto got an NFL franchise that was owned by the Argo's and other teams, to get a season ticket to the NFL team you will also have to buy an Argo ticket.
I can see it now...a sold out empty BMO field for Argo games.

Never gonna happen!!!

More interesting feature articles in the Globe's Saturday edition. Here's a link...slideshow, timeline and story:

Well...if the A____'s disappear in a deal to get an NFL team in Toronto, maybe the unthinkable will occur. Toronto CFL fans can make the short trip to Hamilton! We rope off some sections to accomodate them until they become assimilated and learn the Oski Wee Wee chant. :twisted:
Hey...the Berlin Wall came down and Conrad Black finally broke down and did a spot on Rick Mercer's show! It seems anything can happen these days. :wink:

hmmm a billion dollars a game.Sounds good of a reason for me.Did you know that 50,000 people at the rogers centre would make more money then 80,000 at Ralph Stadium! Hmmmm sound like a good enough reason for me!