For you who think Porter is the answer

With seven games left we should not be asking this question.Unless this team shows up to play all seven of those games I think most of us believe the TiCats will be parting ways with Glenn and Porter.

Porter?Come on man.Everybody knows the QB situation on this team is poor at best.The past 2 games the team has averaged under 20 points and the defense is averaging about 40 pts against.Porter and Glenn are dangerous because they overcompensate on simple throws and also throw dangerous passes with reckless abandon into crowds of people.The answer might not come until next year unless this offensive and defesive problem is fixed.Oh my God what will happen this Sunday? :cowboy:

" Lulay may or may not be better than Glenn at one point" looks like Lulay can beat Glenn on the fact he can throw a deep ball to AB3 and utilize his skills :roll:

Obie and Staff must feel we have the QB of the future or they wouldn't have stopped searching. I think we need to give Boltus a try and if he's not the answer we must use his position to search. The Third position should be used for searching for new talent and Boltus has held that position to long so its time for him to move up or move out. Glen and Porter have to stay until we fined a new young talent with the third position. The third position should not be a static position.

Disagree. QBing is not this team's problem.

Defense and a consistently effective ground game are priorities IMO.

Look after those two, and the QBs will shine.

I agree that the third spot should be for developing a QB of the future, but I don't think that means the third position should be a constant revolving door. Boltus signed in May 2009. Obviously they see something in him that they like, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's ready to play yet. I think that's normal. And I don't think it's correct to assume the team has "stopped searching" just because we haven't seen new QBs signed the last couple of years. There may be neg-list guys or younger college guys they have their eye on for the future. Just because we aren't seeing press releases about future players doesn't mean the personnel folks aren't working behind the scenes. Better is better, but "new" isn't always better.