For you who think Porter is the answer

Oh, I don't know about that. Here's my ranking:

  1. AC
  2. Ray
  3. Burris
  4. Durant
  5. Pierce
  6. Glenn
  7. Lulay/MacPherson/Jyles/Tate
  8. Bishop :slight_smile:

Glenn's our QB and I'll cheer for him, but, he isn't a deep ball thread and doesn't run. He's the only guy on the list without those two QB traits. When all else is going right he's capable of good things. However, once in awhile a QB needs to rifle a bomb or scramble for a first down.

As for Porter, he should be kept as our short yardage guy and Boltus given the next mop-up assignment (if there is one).

Exactly can't RUN, can't throw DEEP, has questionble ACCURACY and he can't see over the OL. I think Russ said he is the best 2nd tier QB in the league... with no one pushing him.

What a sad, lacklustre performance last night.
After reading some of these posts it occurred to me that most of the problems.....Glenn, Porter, underused offensive power, weak defence....are not new. They have been discussed many times in the past couple of seasons.
Yet even with the many player changes, these same problems continue.
We could very well be a .500 team again this year.
I don't blame Obie for everything because I think he has brought in some good talent.
Unfortunately the talent is not being used properly. I'd say it's about time Obie stepped in (if he has not already done so) and demanded a change in approach from Marcel right now....or else.
Kavis Reed must a got a great deal of satisfaction from his win last night. Obviously his potential was completely overlooked when he was here.

Kavis Reed is a good football man that was an all-star as a player but whose X-and-Os ability as a DC when he was here simply didn't cut it. One can argue that his personnel on defence with Hamilton was sub-par, but his schemes were the football proof of safe=death. He made Greg Marshall's bend-but-please-don't-break-again defences look like Blitzburgh by comparison. He has found his niche as a game manager, assembling a great staff with OC Marcus Crandell and DC RIch Stubler. I expect Reed to grow into his role in Edmonton because as a person he demands accountability and results. His preparation time as a coordinator in Hamilton, Toronto, and Winnipeg has brought him to a position where he will have a major impact on this league, IMHO.

Bottom line: his team is developing an identity before our eyes, even despite the stretch where they had a slew of injuries and were dismantled by Winnipeg, Montreal, and BC. When that team is healthy, they compete. From the opening bell. Bellefeuille should Google that sometime.

Oski Wee Wee,


Russ wrote:

"I expect Reed to grow into his role in Edmonton because as a person he demands accountability and results."

Exactly....well said.
And I am sure these abilities did not just appear when he went to Edmonton.
I know hindsight is easy and football coaching staff are constantly on the move but our "stand-pat and stay the distance approach" when it comes to changing head coaches has not served us very well. Charlie Taafe stayed too long and it looks to me as if Marcel is close to repeating that scenario.
Management (Mitchell and Obie) owe the fans something better than another sub-par season.

I am done with glenn, we need someone that can put a fire under these guys and glenn is not doing it. It seems like they quit on this guy. And one of the keys to winning is a running QB, even AC can out run glenn.

Frankly, after lastnight's fiasco, I don't see where the team has anything to lose starting Porter in Moncton. He can't do any worse than Glenn did in the last two games. Who knows, he just might come up with one of those rare good games he has had in the past! If nothing else, it might send a message to anyone else who thinks their position is safe. Have to do something to fire things up and I don't see anyone on the coaching staff "biting the dust" just yet.

Please no.... :lol: Save that special day for a game in BC or Toronto or any where but Moncton :wink:

If they start Porter they quit on the season. You might as well start Boltus if that's the case. We've seen enough of Porter to know he's not the answer.

Snocross67, I take you live there or are going down for the game. If so, I really do hope they make it worthwhile for you.

As I've stated in a previous post... Kevin Glenn has got to go.


As other people have stated... "who do we pick up to replace him?".

There's nobody out there.

I'd start Porter next week just to give him a chance. Getting mop-up time makes it hard to shine. Trying to come from behind makes the situation a lot different. Give Porter a chance and if he fails... let Boltus sling the leather for awhile.

At the end of the day it's not like either QB can possibly do any worse than KG.

Let's not forget Glenn had a monster year last year - in stats. Except of course in the EDSF and the couple games prior. I contend we're stuck with him so the coaches have to figure out a way to win with his limited skill set. Our scouts need to find a couple QBs and use the nomadic 2013 season as their extended try-out.

Porter is unable to make a second quick read. He releases the ball late and has a tendency to run before he makes a second or even third read. Porter will not take us the promised land until he is coached up. I don't beleive Jones or Glenn are capable of coaching him up. However, the OLine did not do him any favours last night either. Blocking has become a huge problem along with many more problems the need to be fixed immediately. Has Marcel lost the locker room and the players respect or do they not beleive in the scheme. Is there a disruptive force in the locker room? Judging from last nights performce I believe all the above to be true.

Alright, here's the story. The success of Kevin Glenn is completely dependent upon our running game. If we don't produce a running game, Glenn starts getting the rush and it falls apart. Conversely the run starts to happen, and we turn it around. Glenn is a good QB, but AC he is not and I think there is a mixed bag of opinions regarding if he will improve/if he can take us to a Grey C

Quinton Porter on the other hand, has had a turnover rate over 10% last year and this year. I don't know of any CFL team who has won a grey cup with a QB who has a turnover rate in the double digits. You also have to consider, this a skewed even more by the fact, the majority of his touches are short 1 yard dive runs. Take those plays out and it would be even higher. End the Porter experiment please, heck sign Cleo Lemon as the backup, at least he was improving.

Let's see you get thrown in for 1-2 series with the coaches and 800,000 fans judging you, and your team sucking B4LL$ up until that point.Easier said than done.He needs playing time and he needs practice reps, two things he hardly, if ever get's whereas Glenn get's it all, could EASILY have a massive turnover rate with his 2-3 "Almost" picks every game on top of the ones that actually don't get dropped, not to mention how many times he won't run or lays down and accepts the sack on the play....

As for "there's nobody out there"...that's because we have not been looking. Obie and Marcel knew 2 years ago that Porter had some problems. We needed to get someone like Travis Lulay back then who was young and full of enthusiasm. But nothing was done to improve the back-up QB position. Trafalis is gone ( who knows what he could have done) and we still have the under-performing Porter and the hot and cold Glenn. And Boltus looks like he has not been prepared by the coaching staff.
So this is not a new problem. Looking for someone now who has CFL experience is the wrong situation to be in...and should not be necessary.
So we will have to stick with Glenn. What a crazy QB predicament to be in. :cry:

There are no miracle saviours who are going to come into this situation and magically cure the Hamilton offense. You cannot give up 35 points a game and win in this league. Has never been done! Cannot be done! To expect Quinton Porter to put up 35 points a game at this stage the way he locks into the primary receiver is a colossal joke. Sorry to burst whatever bubbles are out there, but I cannot hold my breath for that. He is a WORSE option than Glenn, period.

Is there another option for next season? It seems to me that Marcel and Glenn at this point are joined at the hip, football speaking. We will not have this discussion in January because I do believe that if this team continues on its current path Marcel will be gone after another playoff exit. Who knows? I might be wrong – the West might cross over. That is the scenario that I may amend my gut feeling to sooner than later…

Quarterbacks that throw for 5,000 yards in the CFL do not grow on trees. Kevin Glenn will have to be replaced by a better option. There are no immediate alternatives that I know of that will come into the fold, pick up the offense in a few weeks, and transform this team’s fortune come November. I remember the Casey Printers debacle and this club isn’t going to do any better at conjuring dynasties with the coaching staff in place with anyone off the street this time, either!

Is Jason Boltus an answer? Time will tell if he is given a shot or not in meaningful action when Glenn falters. I have more concerns about a team that cannot execute and a coaching staff that cannot stick to game plan approaches that have worked from week to week than whether Kevin Glenn cannot erase 14-point deficits on a regular basis. Until the defence shows it is not some blitzing sieve that escaped an Arena Football 2 alumni weekend, all this is moot.

Oski Wee Wee,


Russ is correct in that part of the O's problems stem from the performance of the D.

They give up way too many yards, way too many points and but for a few games, they have a hard time tackling anyone.

Glenn can't be blamed for the defensive performances we have seen throughout the season and glaringly, the last two weeks.

Without a balanced attack, the Cats do not impress me offensively at the moment. Cobourne is being abandoned way too early because the defence is being gashed and the run game hits the bricks pretty fast in Ticat games these days. Kevin Glenn is not going to stretch a defense vertically if the run game is absent. He is a seam passer, not someone who can attack deep on the edges of a defence. Look at the LB drops of recent games...these are precisely the areas that teams are jumping his throws on.

Chris Williams is a real weapon that can counteract this trend, yet there is no sustained and effective effort to get him, Thiggy, or Avon for that matter loose in the short and intermediate zones to attack the flats and force defences to defend the width of the field. It is a case of teams sitting on Stala's routes and neutralizing Williams enough that the rest of the receiving corps is left to be the butterfingered mirage it seems to have become the last few weeks.

I look at what AB3 is doing out in Vancouver and I have to shake my head. Maybe Marcel and Khari could have figured that an all-star slotback with Glenn at the controls should have stayed...a slotback. Putting him out on the edge with a QB that has never demonstrated an ability to consistently hit wide receivers on the edge of defences was not very bright. I recall last night that Glen Suitor pointed out that Matt Carter likely ran the wrong route on the Thompson interception, so it begs the question: who steps up and becomes the coverage nightmare that allows Chris Williams not to be neutralized at crunch time.

As far as I'm concerned, Williams is the most dynamic open field runner we've had since Winfield. So it stands to reason, how do we capitalize on defences when they seek to stop the only weapon that seems to cause any panic in the passing game because that is what is happening. We are not capitalizing enough.

To me, this team needs a burner on the opposite side of the field to force safeties to respect the entire field. Marcus Thigpen could be that guy, but instead we get the Mann-Grant-Kelly-Carter no-headed monster that simply hasn't filled the void left by Bruce's departure. This offense doesn't scare anybody when it doesn't force defences to adjust. It's "wait for the Cats D to collapse, put a safety over the top on Williams, have them abandon Avon, sit on Stala's routes" and it is gravy time. I'm a fan and I see this.

Oski Wee Wee,


Don't you think the Cats are more concerned with saving money then winning. How else can you explain this going on so long. They must be paying OB and Marcel on profit rather than on wins.